Baby Showers Galore…yippee.

So I am lucky enough to have two of my closest friend due to have their sweet babies almost a month apart. The Campers and Miss Sweetness are heading into the home stretch. It is surreal. Back last January when we were getting our RE appts and telling them about it- they BOTH revealed they were going to start trying late in the year to get pregnant (late 2009). I naively thought “awwww- I will totally preggo by then”.

oh- I was such an IF newbie then. I had so much to learn in the realm of the waiting game of IF Land.  Hope was still something that was….well- it still WAS.

Then I thought when we got Kingman’s surgery on the books…”Phew- maybe at least I will be pregnant by the time they have their babies”  That could at least help make the showers and such more bearable.

Now the surgery has been cancelled- and there is no new date on the books.  We are so far farther back than where we were it isn’t even funny. I never knew emotional pain could honestly cause physical pain to occur. What is worse is that Miss Sweetness is my BEST FRIEND. We have a connection like very few people have.

She knows me like no one else do. In all honesty- she probably knows me better than my husband.  I miss her sometimes so much it hurts. It is like I have lost a piece of myself, and I don’t quite know who I am without her. For a long time we could have been considered to be quite co-dependent on each other.  So the fact that I am missing her pregnancy is hard.

It is even harder that when I think about her shower I get that cold feeling in my chest. I try to fight it- This is my BFF!  Why am I feeling this? I can’t stop it from happening and I HATE IT.

My schedule is crazy in May- so guess what? I get to have both Mrs Camper and Miss Sweetness’s showers in the same weekend. Yippee. One on Saturday, and one on Sunday.  I am so excited I could just pee.  No, really- I am excited for them. I AM- it is just going to be hard for me. I am not going to lie.

Saturday is Mrs Campers shower and were are doing it at her house. It is low key, and not that many people will be there. Her family and in-laws are far away and will not be there. Her work is giving a shower at work. This will be mostly close friends- 10 to 12 people. A friend is coming in from out of STATE (12 hours) to be there and make the cake. So there will be a lot of socializing and I am sure they will want me to stay the night Saturday-but I think I am going to use the excuse of the next shower to get out of it. I don’t know if I can handle it. Measured doses people.

Sunday is my bestest friend’s shower and it will be awesome. I am so excited to see her- and I am pretty sure it will be the first time I get to see her. With her crazy school schedule- we never get to see each other. 😦

I will make it through it. My mother offered to bring me vodka to slip into my punch while we are setting up on Sunday. 🙂  I actually went to  my doctor and told her what is going on and asked for some xanax or valium or SOMETHING- and guess what she told me….she said I needed to try exercising or meditating. Seriously. NO LIE. Said I needed to try some biofeedback or something- and work on that NOW- so that I will learn how to handle stress then.

um…yeah right.  I literally laughed at her.  I told her that was NOT going to work with me. I told her about how I have insomnia, etc. etc. etc. She told me to at least TRY the meditating, positive thoughts, and wrote me another RX for ambien.

NO effin’ lie.  gah.  I just wanted 3 or 4 happy pills. Not a lot just two days worth. What a joke. She will see me again before then. May 22 is still far away. 🙂

Any hoo. I am in charge of getting The Campers invites together. She is having a boy and using the BabiesRUs Mosaic Transport Theme. I need to figure out how to do the invites. I was thinking single sheet printed out- does anyone know anyone that does them? I would love to give another IFer some business!!!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

6 responses to “Baby Showers Galore…yippee.

  1. Sure, like exercising is going to help you in that situtation! Maybe you could make something up to get a few pills somehow. Hope you make it through it, I remember how tough baby showers were, I even still don’t like them!

    Those sunglasses you sent me almost fit Annika now. Once they do I’ll be sure to post pictures because they are so cute!

  2. What a tough weekend that’ll be. If I had any xanax, I’d send you some.

    Alison at does design work– she might be able to do the invitation.

    Good luck!

  3. Woah, that will be a double whammy weekend. Somehow I don’t think exercise or meditation will help for the sheer emotional torture of celebrating pregnancies when you’re in the depths of struggling with IF. Your doc definitely doesn’t get it. You’re a phenomenal friend to even consider attending, let alone helping with invites and arrangements and *actually* attending.

    Btw, is that pic at the top of your blog of Sambuca’s Cafe in Little Italy (NYC)? Love seeing one of my fave hangouts.

  4. I have a couple really old Valium that you’re totally welcome to :). They never worked for me anyway.
    That sounds like quite a weekend, and not one that I would EVER willingly put myself through. You are obviously a really good friend though!

    • OH yeah- I feel like I should state for the record (DEA) I am NOT going to accept it. sigh. If it wasn’t a controlled substance and against the law- I totally WOULD!!! 😛
      Thanks for the offer Sarah! You are helping me out so much alread with all the comments you leave for me 😀

  5. Hang in there, the showers will suck but you will survive. Then comes the ever-lovin trip to the mat ward. 🙂

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