Do you have feets for a head?

Night before last I woke up and had the feeling that I had the strangest dream. I thought about it as I was drinking my coffee and I started giggling at the absurdity of it.

I dreamed that I was in my house and it was a giant maze- like a corn maze….only it was solid walls. Weird. I sort of became like a bumper car- bumper person if you will.

I then became a some sort of rodent- gerbil or Guinea pig or something.  I was then burrowing around- flipping the cedar chips and rooting around in general.

Then suddenly my husband is shaking my feet saying “oh my god- honey, HONEY- are you okay?!?”  Then he is fumbling around feeling my feet that are next to his head, and trying to figure out where the rest of  my body is. A frantic voice says “please, talk to me!”

Then, around the same time…..we both wake up and realize what is going on.

Apparently HE was having a dream that I was IN A COMA b/c he rolled over on my in his sleep and smoothered me- causing an anoxic brain injury.  I figured it started when I got up to pee- sleepwalking, as I am prone to do that. Hence the lost in a maze dream. I probably got turned around- lost on the way back to the bed.

Got into the bed- wallowed around dreaming I was a gerbil. God ONLY knows what I was flipping around IRL in place of the cedar chips. I figure this is when my sweetie was partly woken up and tried to put his arms around me to stop me or something.  Who knows- but it resulted in HIM dreaming that he basically killed me and left me in a persistent vegetative state.

I vaguely remembered the dream- but not really him waking me up until later that night when he said “um-WTF exatcly were you doing in bed upside down last night?” Then we both started remembering it piece by piece.

My dreams are funy like that- sometimes I wake up and they are clear as glass immediately, but sometimes it takes a little while for the fog to clear.

It wasn’t even a medicated night is what is so funny about it. 🙂

Oh….T-Minus 10 days until The Campers and another friend come down to visit to celebrate my b’day a few days late. I am really looking forward to them coming- I miss having my friends down here. I just have a feeling there will be some tears- um- Mrs. Camper Being pregnant and all.

Birthday’s just suck- one more year stacking up- mocking you. Telling you that you are that much farther from having a child. That much farther from having more than one- if you ever even DO have one. I hear that haunting of my Ob/Gyn way over a decade ago “If you don’t get pregnant by the time you are 30, it is possible you may never have a biological child”. He didn’t even have a clue about my future husband. As much as I KNOW DH and I were made for each other- it is still so ironic.  Ironic that it isn’t even ME that is sending us to the RE. Sign.

So when I get a little pissy about having another birthday- I wish my friends WOULD JUST LET ME. If I want to get totally shitfaced and become a blithering idiot- I DON’T CARE. I am going to be T Plus Three years soon……Thirty plus Three….ugh.

Fucking sucks.

Geez- this was supposed to be a light and airy post about a funny ‘dream’. I am just a ray of sunshine huh?


3 responses to “Do you have feets for a head?

  1. T plus t isn’t so bad, that’s what I hit three months back. I know what you are saying, though. Get blized have a great time, forget about life for a while, all of it, it’s your day! 🙂

    Have a drink for me!

  2. LOL about your dream! I sleep walk and dream crazy dreams too!!!

    Sorry you have the b-day blues… When is it? Mine is actually today-we are of the same sign maybe?? Is that why we hit it off? I bet so!

  3. I hit the big 33 this year. My sympathies about not being so excited about it.

    My best dream story: I was still with the ex. I dreamed a VERY vivid dream about a huge dog that was in our bedroom (why? this was not explained). I asked my ex, in my dream, if I could turn on the lights to see the dog better. Then I turned on the lights–in real life. This woke him up, obviously, and it took me a little while to figure out where the big scary dog went. I just kept saying, “But you SAID I could turn them on!”

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