Searchs that end HERE

Okay, I know I might be beating a dead horse and all…but.

How…HOW- did someone searching for “Why do I get cold shivers after IVF?” End up on my blog. For the record- I have never ONE TIME cycled. (um, except naturally-which is bascially useless to me for reproduction)

Why exactly did someone click the link to my blog for “Monkey’s F*cking Horses”. I have no idea on that- I don’t even know if I have typed the word horse on this blog. LOL! Definately not Monkey/Horse love.

HTF (how the fuck) did someone end up here when they searched for “Video of Vaginal Delivery”?!?!?!?! HONESTLY.

Lastly- for the poor people that keep searching for Pictures of bellies- full of babies. Sorry. Not here.
Is this a sick cosmic joke?


6 responses to “Searchs that end HERE

  1. Bwaahahahahahaha! I’m sorry. I’m not laughing at you. I’m cracking up over: Moneky’s F***ing Horses.” WTF????

    But of course, now that you’ve posted this entry, even MORE sickos searching for Monkies F***ing Horses are sure to come around. You can’t win!

    I’m sorry the cosmos keep messin’ with ya. *hugs*

  2. Moneky’s F***ing Horses??!?!? Omg.. that’s insane.

  3. If you had a video of the delivery of what was in the belly after the monkey/horse lovin, then you would probably be able to make some money. And a lot of googlers happy.

  4. BWAAA HA HA HA. PCOSStory- that is hysterical! I am resisting the urge to google it myself…just to see what comes up…The image in my head is HAUNTING. LOL!

  5. Yeah, I don’t even want to meet the person who was searching for monkey’s f*cking horses!! The sad part-we probably already know a person who would search for that, but don’t know we know them!

  6. LMAO! Those are awesome! Mine are never that funny or weird.

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