Resolve Conference

This is a quick post before i head out the door to meet a friend out of town. I just want to know if any of my fellow IF bloggers are going to the in atlanta for the resolve conference this saturday.

I am going and i’m bringing a friend of mine that is non i f but knows of our situation. i would love to meet anybody that is going to be there.

I am testing out my new speech to text application and i’m ending up with a lot of funny words haha

Surgery is still on for the may 13th

Are planning appointment is may 21st i can’t wait in a few months were going to be doing it.

Well, not it it but we will do it…that… you know what i mean
Well off to meet a friend an hour way


One response to “Resolve Conference

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you have a great time at the conference. How did you find out about it. I would love to go since Atlanta’s only 4 hours from me.

    Hope it’s a great time!

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