Where in the world is Bumpy?

I have been so MIA it isn’t even funny.  I actually have a lot to write about, but for some reason I just never write. ARGH!!!  Is this cyclic or something? My on again off again dedication to blogging? It is really quite frustrating to me b/c I LOVE reading all my friends blogs- and miss them when they don’t post….yet, I don’t post. What a double standard!!! 🙂

This post shall be a general update…then I will write a secret post for some vent-ing. If you are a new reader- just send me an email with your blog and I will send you the password for my secret posts (it stays the same).  I protect certain posts that I would not want totally out in the world. As anonymous as I try to make this blog, I like the extra security….and able to post pictures without getting freaked out a family member will stumble upon them.

What is new in the Bumpy World?

I went to the Resolve conference in Atlanta this past weekend. I grabbed a friend that I trust, and headed out Friday afternoon. The conference was great- and I was excited to have the chance to win some stuff. 🙂 They had so many classes- and it was so hard to get it all in. They had it pretty much planned out, but it seemed the classes always ran a little later- an hour was just not enough time!!

They had a lot of different vendors set up- for adoption, donor sperm, acupuncture, etc.  It was interesting to get information from all of the different sources. The thing that stood out the most to me was the adoption booths. I got some information from all of them b/c- well, they were there…and you ‘never know’. Anyways- the information from pretty much all of the booths was that they guaranteed a baby in your arms in either 3-6 months or 6-12 months. One particular booth had a fancy display and one of the little info blurbs said “guaranteed caucasian newborn in 6 months”.

erm……am I totally off base in being a little unsettled by this? I have no experience in the adoption process but from what i have read it takes quite while….not 3 months. Maybe I am way off base here to also be a little unsettled with the “guarantee” of a white baby. What happens if it is the end of the 12 months and there is no baby? Do they give you your money back? I asked and they never really answered. They just kept saying “that has never happened”  ?????  Weird.

Okay, for the classes. I went to the Male Factor Infertility class, and it was well laid out…but I must say- a little elementary for those that have been going through this awhile. The doctor that presented was WONDERFUL though!!! I can imagine that it is hard to know how detailed to get for a general audience for an hour.   The Urologist that presented the class stayed around and answered questions afterward- and you know I had to go pick his brain. I was the last one to ask a question after class, and since the next session was starting we had to go outside to talk- we ended up talking about 20 minutes about The King’s urologic problems, and the upcoming surgery. 

He was very knowledgable of The King’s condition, and actually said the name of The UroGod as being one of the best to deal with his condition. The only thing is that Conference Urologist said that he does question the fact that we will by default be using frozen sperm for our cycle since I am not cycling right now in conjunction with The King’s surgery.  He said that fresh is the best, but that with my history using Soldier Pops might be prudent.

What was also an interesting point from the conference was two of the presenters stance on Clomid. One went on and on of the evils of taking it more than 3 months. That is increases ovarian cancer odds, endometrial cancer odds, etc. etc.  A second presenter said no more than three times that there is no increased risk of cancers, etc. from repetitive clomid use- they just don’t use it more than three cycle b/c it wastes time if it doesn’t work.

Same thing with endometriosis and egg  quality. One said that endo doesn’t affect egg quality, and that there is no known/proven link b/t endo and poor implantation.  A second one said that endo causes poor egg quality and can greatly affect implantation rates.

THEN there was the great vitrafication vs slow freeze debate. Dr. Vitrafication said that in our situation he would have had my cycle first, freeze my eggs, and then do The King’s surgery. AHHHH!!!

Lots of conflicting advice from experts all around…but I trust what my doctors as going to do- even if it is interesting what others would do in our situation.

They had a bunch of drawings including a full IVF cycle, and another cycle with an egg donor. I didn’t get either of those, but it was so touching to see the people’s reactions when their number was called as the winner. The couple that won the IVF cycle was so sweet- the guy jumped up and got his number..fist pumping included. 🙂 Then after he accepted the prized and shook hands with Dr.S…he went back to his wife and just hugged her so close. It was very touching.   The lady that won the donor egg cycle was totally speechless. It was amazing to know that these two people were blessed in such a way.

I did win some stuff. 🙂 I actually won a copy of Mel’s book Navigating the Land of IF. LOL!!! I already have this one, and LOVE IT– so i figure there must be a reason that I won it. I also got a free ‘Bioenergenic Analysis”. Whatever that is…I guess that is going to another trip to Atlanta. LOL! Next time I am flying…the 5 hour trip one way sucked. Especially b/c I had to be at work 12pm on Sunday for an eight hour shift. We got up at 5am to drive home. BLAH!!!!!! Not to mention that I had to work Monday at 745am…and I started my period on Monday. BLAH!

I have been reading the Project IF posts, and they are wonderful. I really recommend going and reading these. It is amazing how we are all so connected in the journey- and how each person deals with it. I think we can learn a lot about each other reading other people’s posts. We can learn new coping skills, and how to put to words what we are feeling.


3 responses to “Where in the world is Bumpy?

  1. Sounds like a great event! I’ll have to keep an eye out for the next one.

  2. That is a little strange about the adoptions booths, but then again I’m reading a “Fast track Adoption” book and they say that adoptions can happen in only weeks and months if you have serious advertising and marketing happening. So maybe these agencies/lawyers put a lot of money into advertising?
    Glad you had a good time!

  3. So glad you’re back around!

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