Bloggers United- RESOLVE listened.

Oh MY GOSH girls!!!! I just got an email from RESOLVE about their new website. On this website there is lots of  new things….


ALL OF OUR WHAT IFs!!!!!  All on one page dedicated to us and our What IFs.

AHHHH!!!! How cool is that?!?! Mel said something big was going to happen. WOW!!! I was totally shocked to see it. Humbled..and hopeful that I can touch someone’s life.

Check it out ladies. It is pretty darn cool.


5 responses to “Bloggers United- RESOLVE listened.

  1. That is extremely cool!

  2. That’s cool!
    Thanks for ur comment. Good luck for DH’s surgery on Thursday!
    ‘slagging me off’ means talking about or bitching about someone behind their back

  3. That is very cool!

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