Gotta love it!

I am a sucker for anything free. I get giddy about books…and I scored at the Resolve conference on May 1st.
I won Mel’s book, Navigating The Land Of IF!!!! Okay, so I already have I suppose I should have given it back- but I have a purpose for this one. This is going to be my ‘loaner’. I am going to give this to some one that needs it. Either for themselves or to understand what I am going through.

What is funny is that I started reading it again. Not to many non-fiction, educational books that you can pick up and read again.

This is definitely one you can!!!! Mel has a way of writing that is like you are sitting next to her. If you have read any of her posts at The Stirrup Queens, you know that she has a special gift.
If you have not gotten this book, I highly recommend it. I almost insist on it I you are starting your infertility journey.
They should give this book out at the RE office along with your initial paperwork. They should mail it out with the new patient packet.

Um…..surely you realize by now that this book has helped me. 🙂 I helped clear up lab value meanings, discover ways to cope with tough situations, and best of all TO LAUGH!

I have two baby showers coming- two in one weekend- and I have my letter that I am going to put in my pocket. Just knowing it is there will strengthen me. Even though I will be in (two) a room(s) with people who don’t realize my personal heartache, and will think the tears in my eyes are all joyful tears for the Mom(s) to be. **some will be- I am not totally heartless people!!!!***

Having my best friend in my pocket will remind me that I am not alone. I have cheerleaders. I have people who understand-even if they are not physically present.

*sniff sniff*

So here is the coolest part- she has written a novel (fiction) that is due out this December. Yippee!!!!!

Okay..that is my plug. I have to say that I am not getting paid or reimbursed for this review….isn’t that the law now? Vaguely, I remember something about disclosing payment, etc.
This is a totally random post from a fan. 🙂


One response to “Gotta love it!

  1. So true that the docs should hand Mel’s book out at the first eval. I gave a copy to my mom, my sister, and my bff.

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