Crisis Averted- and Dating…..

The King and Queen (tee hee- that’s ME!) are going to be leaving on Tuesday to the BAU(Big Ass University) for his surgery. I will take my GameBoy and my Audible MP3 player loaded with the new Dexter book….so I can occupy myself whilst I am up there all by myself in the waiting room. 😉

Last night we had a “date” with another couple…and I think it went pretty well!!! I swear, I am more nervous ‘dating’ potential married couple friends than I was when I was single and going out on dates with NEW MEN!! !AAAHHHHH.  It is so freaking hard to meet new people, and a couple that all four of us like each other. LOL!!  It is so nice to have friends that are not work related since he and I spend so much time at our work places (especially him), it is hard to find the time.

The funny part is that this couple is SO MUCH younger than us. I honestly don’t have an issue with it, b/c I think once you hit around 26-27 you end up thinking everyone is around your age. Especially people you get along with. It is quite comical to think that I was 11 when the wife was born. YIKES!!!  LOL! I probably would have babysit her if she lived near me growing up. 🙂  The guy is 24- so I was only 9 when he was born. LOL…at least that is a single digit age difference. HA HA. He is in the military, and she actually is a bartender (that is how we met-going to our local sports bar to watch football). She has a 4 year degree in finance, but can’t find a job. I feel bad for her b/c in talking to her she obviously knows what she is talking about.

I cooked some beer can chicken, veggies, and corn on the cob. All grilled and very very yummy!! I think I woo-ed them with my culinary prowess.

At least I didn’t give them salmonella, so that is a winner in my books.

We went and played some darts- which the Royal Family SUCKS AT!!! HA HA. It was in a complete dive bar. The group next to us playing darts had to do 10 pushups if their dart didn’t hit the board.  Not quite sure what that was about- but it was fun to watch!! Those guys were RIPPED!  Then a nearly 4 inch “Palmetto Bug” (aka BIG ASS FLYING ROACH) decided to take a stroll on the ceiling above us and towards our dart board. BLECH. One of the PushUp men killed the sucker with a pool cue. The fucker dropped right in front of our dart board- so we had uber incentive to make sure our darts landed correctly. HA HA. Then we downgraded to another neighborhood dive bar…and I saw one of my BOSSES!! LOL! She is my age, so I don’t mind- she is fun….but it was funny b/c I was in the bathroom and all the sudden someone gave me a big hug from behind…..uh…luckily by then I was three(eight) sheets to the wind or I would have turned around swinging. HA HA.

I was okay until I did a couple of  ‘Ziplock’ shots. All I know is they are blue. Maybe kinda fruity? I know I liked them and kept ordering them for us. Sigh. Seems like such a good idea at the time.

They must like us b/c they asked us out on a second date over to their house for dinner and games some night. LOL!

It was great to go and have fun….and get blasted.

Happy Mother’s Day to ME!!!!


5 responses to “Crisis Averted- and Dating…..

  1. Good luck at the BAU!! Hope all goes well.

  2. Lol I loved the part about the ziplock shots. You guys will be in our thoughts Tuesday and for the surgery.

  3. Wow, that sounds like a fun night :). And I love how you refer to you and Kingman as the Royal Family :).
    Good luck with the surgery!

  4. Good luck tomorrow!!! Praying everything goes well for the Royal Family 😀

  5. Yay for finding friends! Its is nice when all 4 get on well.
    Wishing you good luck for your appointment, hope allgoes well with everything. Great we maybe cycling together ish. I hope we get our dreams

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