We are here…waiting….and EWWWW

So, The King is wanting to read male perspective(written) blog posts talking about how they felt after their TESE/MTESE/MESA….now I can’t find any!! AHHHH!!!!!

So if you read this tonight, and you have (or know of) a blog post that specifically talks about how the guy felt after the sperm retrival- Please let me know.

PS….a blog I follow “Bitter is the New Black” won’t let me comment or email her to tell her I can’t comment!!! Anyone know how to get in touch with her- or are you following me??? I miss you!!

I can’t find anything under pressure….

In my searching, I did run across THIS VIDEO of a TESE. OHMYGOD!!!!  This is NOT for the squeemish- I don’t really want to show him this. I don’t even have nuts and it makes my crotch hurt for him.



8 responses to “We are here…waiting….and EWWWW

  1. I asked my hubby if he would write a little snippet for you…Probably not what you want to hear, but it is his exact words without filter.

    Ok, first the good stuff. The drugs are really good I was feeling real good before the procedure. I got Oxycodone after and they really work well.
    Now, for the bad stuff. It hurts like nothing you have ever felt in your life. Imagine a midget kung fu master punching you in the balls over and over and you get close to how it feels. The recovery sucks ass, your balls swell to the size of a grapefruit and you waddle when you walk, if you can walk. Your penis shrinks up and it’s hard to aim while taking a leak and you can’t get an erection not that you would want one. After a few days the swelling will start to go down but the pain is still there, I was popping Oxycodone like tic tacs the first few days but they upset my stomach so I got some Vicodine. Your incision will leak and it takes forever to close up. Mine still looked like it was open a month later and I have a hard scar that itches sometimes.

    Other then that it was a lovely experience that I hope to never take part in again.

    It turned out that I was sterile. The Dr. told us that she was very aggressive during the procedure. She said that she didn’t recommend a second procedure. If she had found something, I am not sure if I would have gone through it again. It was not a decision that I had to make. would have had to think very hard on it. I hope this helps.

  2. Hi.
    Hubs had his on Wednesday. He was in a lot of pain Wednesday & Thursday. Friday it was a bit better. He did not shower till Saturday.. it was ok, he was in so much pain he didn’t care.
    He took 1 week off work (he is in construction) but could have used the full 2. All in all the first days were Very hard but much easier after that.
    We may have to have him do it again.. and he’s willing so it must not have been end-of-the-world terrible. Hope he does great. Hubs said Good Luck!

  3. I think I saw that same video! My friend who found it on her own thought the procedure looked “simple”. Ha!

    DH didn’t talk much about his recovery but I think he wished he’d taken it easy longer after the 2nd one (he was up making his own lunch that day – and in general did too much too soon)

  4. My husband kept ice on the area for about 2 days straight – it did not swell up to the size of grapefruit…maybe because of the ice? The area got a little swollen the first day but I think the ice really helped.

    He took pain pills (Tramadol w narcotic) the first 2 days and just Tylenol after that. He had the procedure Saturday and was back at work on Thursday (he is a truck driver with some lifting). His scar was itchy and uncomfortable for a couple of weeks. (he had a little leaking for maybe a week)

    He did say that it felt like he’d been kicked in the balls – like, it didn’t hurt in his actual balls, but higher above in his stomach. But that was only the first couple of days and he kept up with the pain meds to keep the pain away.

    They did find sperm and we froze it and used it in my IVF which was successful (I’m 8 weeks pregnant).

  5. My hubbies blog is azoowho.blogspot.com, I know he has a blog about his TESE, but we got the results very quickly after, so I am not sure if he has a “waiting” blog.

  6. We have not done ours yet, but here’s what the Dr. told us. It’s under local anesthesia. Hubby would just have some pain meds and an ice pack afterward. He should be able to go back to work the day after the procedure. May have some bruising. He told him that I’d me in more pain from the ER than he would from the TESE!

  7. My husband wrote about his TESA surgery in March 2006 with a old-school-trained urologist: “So, it’s been about a week and a half since the biopsy. It was a painful procedure, but tolerable. I think i was a little misled on how bad it was actually going to be. It being out-patient, I thought it was going to be kind of quick and painless, even though i was being put under. Well, considering I am just now getting back to walking normally, goes to show you, i was wrong.” He had another TESA done in April 2006 by our RE which was a lot less painful and he was fully recovered in a week. Your husband should plan on taking a few days off work and sitting around with an ice pack on his goodies for a while. GOOD LUCK!

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