Wordless Wednesday

Nasturtiums grown from seeds!!!!

Better Boy Tomatoes!!

Bell Peppers- a little deformed!!

Yummy Chillis!!

Okay, maybe not TOTALLY wordless, but work with me here people. Wordlessness gives me HIVES!!! 🙂


6 responses to “Wordless Wednesday

  1. studentrntiffany

    WOW!! I cant grow mint!! (and struggle with the baby area) but that is so awesome that you have a green thumb…any suggestions?

  2. Awesome! We’re still getting intermittent snow here and our dog keeps digging up my strawberries…that kind of pisses me off. They are in a raised box. Seriously? He can’t dig somewhere else?

  3. love those pictures! we’re thinking about growing tomatoes this year. guess we better get started!

    ps – can i have access to your pwp posts? thanks!

  4. Yum!! Good growing!

  5. MMM. Those all look fantastic. Nothing is better than fresh from the garden.

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