Secret Ode Days

As usual The Stirrup Queen is doing a little project over on her blog- I honestly don’t know how she finds time. She is so freaking AH-MAZING!

In case you missed it (ha ha), it is called Secret Ode Days– check it out.  (I will be here when you get back)

Okay, so understand? If your pointer finger is broken or you don’t know to click on the words to take you to the post I am talking about (ha ha)….here is a little gist of it.

Back in the day a family would  decorate a tree lollipops. They never knew when it would happen, and when it did the neighborhood children would all come together and harvest them. It was a SWEET day and it brought the community together.

Mel is using that and mixing it with anonymous Odes. Odes to bloggers you feel touch you, and you want to give an anonymous ‘shout out’.  Then every so often (randomly) she will post the Odes. So when you see a blog post at the Queen’s Castle you will go over there and check the blurbs (Odes) out and see if you are on them. Also a good way to check out new blogs.

I believe in things like this!!! So many times we feel shy in expressing how much people mean to us in person (or in a comment for bloggers). She wants us all to tell each other also. 🙂

So here is my little self indulgent post. I really could use some comments on Saturday and Sunday because I have TWO freakin’ baby showers this weekend. One on each day. That I am hosting. They are for my best friends, but my husband’s MESE/TESE is still raw in my heart. I also go to the ONE doctor in the USA that doesn’t prescribe antianxitey med. WTF?!?!?!?!

Loves to you all, and I will be doing the same for all my lovelies- um, later next week when I am not driving all over creation. (AAAAHHHHH)


5 responses to “Secret Ode Days

  1. As my Gramie would say to you, “Stay clam.” You are doing great right now. Love ya!

  2. Will be thinking about you this weekend. Hope it’s not too rough!


  3. hollytraveling

    Hi, just wanted to throw a little support your way and say that I hope you’re pulling through OK. Got to say, hosting two baby showers back to back should just about win you some kind of medal. Sending some strength and happy thoughts your way.

  4. Hope you are surviving through the baby showers. Thinking of you and sending you strength.

  5. Bumpy – You are one strong Chiquita! These baby showers can be so hard, especially when you are hosting. I hope that you are planning some extra special pampering of yourself for this coming week – you deserve it my friend!
    I hosted my bff’s shower shortly after getting our Azoos diagnosis. I tried so hard to keep my game face on, but didn’t quite pull it off. Tears streamed down my face for most of the afternoon, but i think that most of the guests thought they were tears of happiness. Don’t get me wrong, I love her and her babe more than words can describe, but I was overcome with sadness at the shower.
    You are a good friend!

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