It’s a Bust



Well…I am only 15 minutes into my 1st Resolve sponsored peer led support group(PLSG)…..and I am blogging?
For the first time in forever?
Why Bumpy OH WHY ever are you neglecting your peers?

Well for one I am not plastic….so I don’t really have any peers.

Of the TWO people that RSVP’D one emailed me at six (the starting time) to tell me she wasn’t coming. The other is MIA.

I do have one surprise visitor that tagged along…..she is friends with Doug. She is super shy about her IF. She hasn’t even told me her name yet.

Do any of you have any good ideas what her name is? I am sure if I hear her name and say it she might start talking.

So far she just smiles…Waves…

She is reading up on the RESOLVE Coping with the Stress of Infertility handout.
HELP! I need to know her name..

(Uh leave your ideas in the comments…thnx)


7 responses to “It’s a Bust

  1. That sucks so bad! I wanted to do one here and they suggested I lead one in a city about 45 minutes away because it would get more people. If I’m going to lead something it isn’t going to be 45 minutes away. Anyway, did you do press releases in the papers and stuff?

    Maybe call her Izzy, the Closet IFer!

  2. Boo! I hate it when people rsvp and then cancel. Sooo lame. And especially hate when people call (or email) to tell you they’ll be late or aren’t showing after they’re already late or obviously not showing.

  3. I think her name is Wanda. 😀
    Sorry about the no-shows

  4. I still think you are a hero for hosting and leading a RESOLVE support group. a HERO (with super big capital letters).

    it totally sucks tho that no one showed… I can’t be too much of a hater tho bc I can’t seem to get myself to a meeting, even tho I really really want to go. Its like I secretly want someone to show up at my house, dress me, put me in the car, and take me to a meeting. (I wish my mom knew that is what I want because she would do it, but I can’t bring myself to ask for that kind of help.) do you know if there is a way to lead an online RESOLVE meeting? like a video conference? I’d show up to your RESOLVE video conference, I promise.

    So yeah, your lady gnomie does need a good name. Not sure I’ll be much help. I couldn’t even name my cat. We still call her ‘kitty’, and she is like 5 years old. And our gnomie is just called gnomie. He is busy getting his costumes ready for our ‘German Sparkle Party’ themed summer vacation. (google it, hehe) I too need to get to work on my own costume too.

  5. Oh man, that sucks. Geez, people are so rude! Don’t RSVP is you are not going to show.

  6. Aw man! I’m so sorry that happened to you! Regardless, I’m glad YOU kept your word and were there anyhow. I hope the next time will be better…

    As for the gnome chick…I’ll go with, Hanna McCafferty or something like that. LOL

  7. My local Resolve leader told me that the first time she had a meeting no one showed. That group is a lifesaver for me now. I think it takes a while to get the word out. And some people are probably nervous about coming. I know I was.

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