Happy!!! Albiet a Touchy Subject.

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As I sit here about to fold clothes and pack for our trip up to the BAU (Big Ass University…not Behavoiral Analyst Unit of Criminal Minds) this weekend, I am very excited.

Mrs. Camper is in labor! They called last night for a nurse’s opinion about their latest doctor’s visit. She is 38 weeks today, and their doc wanted to induce on Thursday (tomorrow) with the only reason being that “the baby is low”. Um, last I checked that is what happens when your body is preparing to give birth. It is not a dangerous thing.  She was 2cm, blood pressure fine, head to pelvis ratio acceptable, etc. etc. etc.  They are not medical people and wanted my opinion. Of course I first asked how they felt about it, did she feel ready, etc. etc.  Mr. Camper thought to let the body do what is was going to do, and get help starting labor if needed.  Mrs. Camper didn’t know what to think.

As a nurse and friend I was a little nervous to tell them “I would do such and such” – even though they flat out asked me.  I just tried to get them to realize how they felt, and to feel more confident that they have the choice as parents to decide. I told them to find out if there was ANYTHING medical that the doctor was wanting induction for, or if it was just for convience for him. I know for a fact that some ob/gyns will induce their patients on Thursdays so they deliver before the weekend.

I also feel that scheduled inductions have contributed to many c-sections. If the body isn’t ready, it isn’t ready. At 38 weeks you are considered full term. If there was that extra two week for your body to  “ripen” at 40 weeks- perhaps that is all it needs. Lets say a woman is zero dilated and not effaced, and a -2 station. The doctor wants to induce at 38 weeks for convience. Or even the mom wants to be induced b/c her parents are able to be in town. I PERSONALLY think that is a tough decision to make.   As a neonatal nurse for a while I saw so many emergency c-sections from woman in that exact predicament.  Their body wasn’t ready to go into labor, and here we are pumping it full of stuff to create labor.

Then low and behold their labor doesn’t progress, the baby gets distressed b/c of hours and hours, if not DAYS of labor. Blammy. C-section. Mom to exhausted to push.

I have not had a child- I am not an expert. Take my thoughts with a grain of salt. Perhaps I have no reason at all to have an opinion- other than the fact that I used to take care of the babies that struggled after these situations. Meconium aspiration, respiratory distress, etc. etc.

So- after that total tanget. I get a picture message from her in a hospital bed. 🙂 Apparently it was all moot b/c she started having contractions strong today, and then her water broke. 🙂

Her body new what it was doing after all!  I am so excited b/c we are going up there this weekend, and will get to meet him!!! Kingman said “Well, if she has him by the time we leave” I am thinking- It is Wednesday!! I hope she has that kiddo before Sunday night!

HIP HIP HORRAY!!! I am so excited for them. I am so excited to have my honey hold that sweet bundle of joy.  Uncle Kingman!!!!!

Say some prayers, or send up some good thoughts for them. Whatever your spiritual thoughts are- I will not discriminate! 🙂


8 responses to “Happy!!! Albiet a Touchy Subject.

  1. I think you did a great job at helping Mr. and Mrs. Camper with this decision.

    I agree with you BTW; if you’re dealing with a “normal” pregnancy, that is, if there are no other extenuating factors, I think it’s better to follow the body’s lead, rather than listen to outside factors.

    Praying for a quick and safe delivery, birth and recovery. 🙂

  2. Very exciting stuff. I remember how I felt when my BFF went into labour I couldn’t think of anything else.

    BTW if I ever get to go into labour can I call you. You seemed to be so calm and provide exactly the kind of advice I want when/if I get there.

  3. That is exciting! I am glad that she went into labor on her own and didn’t have to make the decision about being induced.


  4. Congrats to your friends! 🙂 I’m glad everything went well. I think that is awesome advice & def something I will keep in mind when “it’s my turn”.

    ICLW #135

  5. michelehaytko

    Warm thoughts their way!

  6. Fascinating – thanks for sharing your perspective!

  7. Going into labor on your own is much better from what I’ve heard than trying to be induced. I personally never had that problem cause I have preemies, but I’m glad your friend didn’t have to stress over the induction decision!

  8. I’m totally with you on the not inducing unless medically necessary thing. Glad it worked out and the baby got here in his own time :).
    Now, enjoy holding the sweet baby this weekend!

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