I am beyond irritated. I am PMS-ing beyond belief.  I am tired from the 36 or so hours I am working this week. I have a zillion things to do. I just want to be left alone b/c my nerves are like red hot live wires.  I am supposed to be planning mine and my mother’s trip to England. It is a hassle just getting the effin’ tickets. what are the time zones/ do the seats lay flat/what is the layover..blah, blah, blah. I am having to get the house ready for hurricane season. Reassess our insurance. Update our taxes stuff b/c I haven’t touched it since mid year.

The FSA people are about to report me to the gub’ment for not sending in my receipts. I just realized I missed the open enrollment so I we HAVE to use 5000 bucks worth on medical stuff  this year or we lose it. I can’t bump it down now. I was budgeting for IVF. Now we are IUI. I may buy a bunch of vials of the sperm we chose for dIUI and do the sell back if we don’t use it.

We are irritated b/c we haven’t gone anywhere this year strictly for fun. We have gone to classes and his test, but that is it. We looked at the schedule last night and realized we have pretty much NO TIME OFF together until the end of August. We might could squeeze in a late July 2 day trip…but really- is that relaxing? Two days?  Then we got a week in August, but we just found out that a friend is going to invite us to a weekend at the beach. Here in town. For a ‘promotion’ celebration/b’day weekend. Don’t get me wrong- I am happy we have friends and they want to us to be with them.

Now I am in charge of coordinating our England trip (mom and I), a short weekend in July, and a long week in August. B.L.A.H.

I know- it’s a hard knocks life huh? Complaining about planning trips- I sound so yuppie. LOL! 

I have started carrying a little notebook from Barnes&Nobles that is about 1.5 by 2 inches. I carry it in my purse, in my pocket at work…everywhere. Why? To write down what I have to do- I remember shit at the oddest times.  Yes, I have a super state of the art Droid…but it is a pain in the ass to jot down to do lists. Somethings just need to be done the old fashioned way.

I have three pages of stuff to do. I get anxiety thinking about it.

That is one reason I haven’t been posting. When I sit down to the computer I find myself doing insurance stuff or taxes, or trip planning. I have never been too great about posting from my phone. 😦

i am crazy irritated at my husband right now, and I know it is b/c of my period. I am super hormonal. I am sensitive to shit right now. The King wanted to go watch a movie. I say okay. We also talked about going friday with a couple of friends of ours. We decided to go to the movie. On the way there The King said “if we watch Knight and Day” tonight, there isn’t going to be anything to watch on Friday. I said “We can go watch “Grown Ups” it is a funny movie and supposed to be pretty good”

Him: “well, I guess me and the Guy Friend can go and chill somewhere”

Me: “WTF?!?! Just b/c you don’t know about the movie and you didn’t choose it you won’t even go and watch it? GAH!” 

Okay, i was a bit snippy. Okay a lot snippy. Two weekends ago I BEGGED for him to go with me to watch “The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo” and he refused. He didn’t want to go b/c it was a fantasy movie. He didn’t even read the description. I told him what it was about. He still didn’t care- didn’t listen. I KNOW KNOW KNOW he would like it- but he refused.  I am still a teeny bit ticked about it.

So given my current state of hormone wreckage I was a little rude. So then half way to the theater my other half decided not to go to the movie, he needed to come home and call his father. We turn around. He wanted ice cream instead. We get to ice-cream shop. Line around the block b/c it is fucking free waffle cone Wednesday. No ice cream. Go back home. In silence. We get back home, and he turns around and says “I am going to go for a drive. To the beach. Bye”

GRRRRRRRRRR. That really irritated me even MORE. I understand he is mad at me. Fine. Except that when I was really mad at him with the whole “replacing the insulation and ductwork”/”we can’t have children b/c of money” fued of February- I wanted to go watch a movie by myself to calm down and clear my head. He refused to let me leave. Said I couldn’t leave if we were fighting.

Why is it okay if HE leaves, but not me? Why do I have to do whatever he wants , whenever he wants? Really? Grrrrrr.

I just want to be left alone for about 4 or 5 days a month. Just be nice to me. Is that too much to ask?  Perhaps it is.

Now I am watching DVRd “Deadliest Catch”. What a Boo Hoo-fest. Blah.

So that is my life. I finally got rid of my menstrual migrane. Apparently my husband also.

Nothing else is new on the baby front here. We are going to do it after I get back from England.

What a boring damn life.

Oh- The Camper’s baby boy is such cutie!! He was a doll and it was so good to be able to see him. I can’t wait to see him again. 🙂


6 responses to “Blah.

  1. Your little book made me giggle. I’m a list person as well!

  2. I get like that when I am crazy hormonal, and sometimes, guys are jerks. I am sorry you guys got into a tiff, it will blow over soon. Too bad it was free waffle cone Wednesday and you weren’t able to participate.

  3. It really frustrates me when some rules apply to DH and not to me. Or how I’ll watch movies that he wants, but not the other way around. It really isn’t fair. I hope that you feel better soon and can get back to normal.

  4. I’m sorry that things are so sh*tty right now. You can get through this. Love you!

    P.S. I think the small notebook is a great idea; I totally agree on how much of a pain it is to jot down tasks in the crackberry.

  5. I hope you feel better soon!!

  6. I’m so sorry. I get really nutty around my cycle too. And I swear my husband gets nuttier than I do. I mean just because I have PMS doesn’t mean he can be a pain too! See ms like that happens a lot to us too.

    Hope you get some time together soon.

    {big hugs} to you!

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