Locked out….


As I type I am chilling on my back patio by the pool. Listening to crickets or whatever they are.  So relaxing.

Except for the fact I have to take a crap, the two cups of java are kicking it to me good! Why not just go inside?

Mmmmm… that would because my dear wonderful husband,for some inexplicable reason, doesn’t have his house key on his key ring.
I got up today at ass crack of dawn to take my husbands car in for ac service. It is really fecking hot down here without a/c!!!!!
I get a shuttle back from the place and realized…..I have no key. No way to get in. Thank goodness the back yard is on a combo lock. Phew!

His nurse called and he is on his way back. Thank god we don’t live far from his work.

What is new with me?   Hmmm. Going Cincinatti next weekend for a quick King’s Island/ see family trip. Tomorrow I go chattanooga to see Miss Sweetness/ my best best friend. I can’t wait to see her!

We have week in august that I think we are going to key largo…not sure yet though. 
THEN September 8 through 22 my mom and I are going to England!  I got a fabulous deeal on air canada executive first class! The cost for two was the cost of one.
Well ladies and gents over and out.have a ride, i am on my way to finish the rest of my day

8 responses to “Locked out….

  1. Ha, you poor dear. My hubby doesn’t keep a house key with his car keys either, for some reason. Of course, if we get locked out, someone just has to go around back and stick their hand in the doggy door to get in :). Shhh, don’t tell our neighbors!
    Hope you enjoy your time by the pool until your husband gets there!

  2. I got locked out a few weeks ago! It stinks! I’m glad you are getting taken care of though. All of your trips sound great! Have lots of fun!

  3. I hate it when I get locked out, especially when it’s not my fault.

    Hope you enjoy those trips coming up!

  4. Oh no! So glad that Kingman works close and can get you in.

  5. I wouldn’t mind getting locked out so much with a back yard like that! Except for the impending pooo! I hope you got that taken care of and didn’t miss your window!! LOL 🙂

  6. I would be in trouble! When I have to go it’s a right now kind of thing.
    I’m glad you get to go on your European vacation soon! YAY!

  7. You’re a busy lady, I thought my schedule was packed… 🙂 BTW, why didn’t you tell me it wasn’t a good idea to take a vacation 2 weeks before moving? 🙂

    We’re back, the vacation was great, and I’m back to reading the blogs 🙂

  8. So, you’re going to take the trip with your mom! That is really great, and you are going to have such a great time!

    I love your backyard, and wish you’d invite me over for a pool party already 🙂 Maybe a virtual pool party would suffice.

    Have you hosted another Resolve meeting?

    Glad to hear from you!

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