I <3 Family..and good blogs!

My mom is here this weekend!! I love it! She decided to come down on Wednesday or so for a ‘quick getaway’ from it all. She lives about 4.5 hours north of me, so this is a good get away.  I have to work all weekend, and so does my DH- so Mom is going to have a lot of ‘me time’. Meaning to read a book and sit by/in the pool.  We also are figuring out where we will stay on our trip to England.

We have our hotel in Hastings booked, and I am super excited about that. We are going to be there during the Seafood and Wine Festival. WOOO HOOOO!! THIS is one of the reasons we are waiting to do the dIUI. I want t eat fresh seafood and drink wine in Hastings. LOL! We are trying to figure out were to stay in London. We decided to get a hotel/ B&B room for the entire time and make it our home base. We will leave most of our clothes and non valuables there when we go to Hastings simply for the fact we don’t have to haul everything around. The trick is finding a place that we think will be good. I KNOW most all of them will be, but when you have 300 to look at, the next  one is always ‘better’ than the one you are looking for. Either that or we find one that is right next to a tube station, but doesn’t have wifi- or one that is near a tube station, has wifi- but no en suite bathrooms (this is a MUST for us). Gah. We will figure it out, but if anyone has any suggestions for a place in a decent price range that is A)Near a tube, etc station B)en suite C)wifi D)preferable twin beds ..it would be appreciated. 🙂

I am so behind on reading my posts, and commenting. I do want you guys head over to Mommy-In-Waiting and give some hugs to her. They had an ‘end of round one’ on their 1st IVF. 😦  Her husband (Hopelessly TTC)has a blog too, and I love reading both of them. They both have such an awesome way of writing! Hopelessly TTC  wrote A Guys Guide to Infertility– also a MUST READ! We all know how limited blogs are from a male IFer POV- and he does it justice. Plus, makes me LOL every time I read his blog.

Mommy in Waiting wrote a companion post called The Best Friend’s Guide to IVF. This is a must read!!  Go over and read it!!! Seems like between the two of them they cover it all! 🙂 I think they need to write a book about it!

Complete with Hopelessly’s cartoons.

Other than all this, my life is pretty boring right now.


6 responses to “I <3 Family..and good blogs!

  1. When we went overseas, we were able to transfer credit card points for points at Marriott and Best Western.

    The last time I was in London, I believe that we stayed at a Marriott between Swiss Cottage and Marylebone (pronounced mar-lee-bone).

  2. How have we missed each other in blog world?! Glad we have now fixed that 😉

  3. Thanks so much for the shout-out and the comments on my blog! Enjoy your trip to the UK.

  4. So glad you get to spend some time with mom! Thanks for the blog recs, I will check some out once things here settle down.

  5. Hi, I am delurking just to give you a small piece of advice (and please take it at face value).
    Hotels in England can be quite tricky. I do not know if you know Fawlty Towers, but this is still one very popular series in UK, especially since dingy hotels are still rather too many. Be careful what you choose, especially in London, and try to get a second opinion – I for one use tripadvisor for recommendations, and in the majority of cases, it’s pretty helpful.
    I wish you best of luck in everything and a wonderful trip.

    • I acutally have watched Farty Towels…uh, Fawlty Towers, for many years. Until around 9th grade (1991) all we got were channels with from the rabbit ears. LOL! Obviously PBS was the main one we watched.
      Anyhoo- thank you so much for your recommendations! There are so many out there it is insane! We thought one near Paddington would be good since it has the express to Heathrow. Who knows though- we decided on one, then realized that some of the reviewers said that rooms were made out of kitchens, closets, and in the basements. That threw it out the window (which the reviewers said wouldn’t open btw) LOL. I feel like it is a crapshoot!!
      Any specific recommendations? Well, besides the Ritz. 🙂

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