Lazy Weekend

What all did you guys do this weekend? Head to New York for BlogHer10? Go camping? Work? Attend HomeHer10?  LOL.  I headed up to my mom’s for HomeHer10.

HomeHer10 is the Twitter IF community’s response to not getting to go to BlogHer10.  The tweets about what everyone was doing at WorkHer10 and HomeHer10 cracked me up.

I came up to my mom’s to go to my best friend’s graduation. I will be darned if I am sick. The graduation was yesterday, and I feel better today- but she is due any day now. So I didn’t go, and I am sad that I missed it.:(

Instead I have laid around my mother’s house doing nothing.  A big ol’ lazy sack of unproductivness.

In one month we will be in England. I can’t believe it!!! Time goes by so fast. In two months we are planning on cycling- but honestly do we reallly think it will happen?

I seriously want to. I am  ready to. My heart hurts so bad sometimes I think it is breaking. We still have to pick out a donor- and that is going to be insane. We can’t even figure out where to go on vacation- IN TWO FUCKING WEEKS! (This is with my husband,and England is with my mum. I know- charmed life..yadda yadda yadda).

Okay- the reason why I made this post. I have only met one IF blogger IRL. It was around April of 2009 I think. I went to Chicago for The King’s work and met up with her for tea. The best tea I have ever had actually! Anyhoo- it was wonderful meeting her, as she was so supportive of me when I first started blogging. She was full of good advice and encouragement. Her blog was silent for a year, and she just posted a few posts to get us up to date!!! She is pregnant with twins via donor egg. I am so excited for her, and would LOVE for you all to go give her a huge hug and some loves. Blossom and Her Fruit- she is a sweetie, and she is going to be a great mom!!

5 responses to “Lazy Weekend

  1. You are so sweet! Love your new digs!! Thanks for all the congrats. If you come out this way again (don’t you every year?) we could meet up again.

    Your trip to London is going to be fantastic!!! Any specific plans while you are there?

    I did a really fun ghost walk once there. got to walk around the city and discover some places. it was really fun.

  2. Spent the weekend wallowing. But Im starting to come out of it–yay!

    I missed all the homeher tweets–damn! Maybe next year we will both be at blogher? 🙂

    Im SO jealous you met Blossom–I love her–and so glad shes blogging and has been blessed with a pregnancy.

  3. Next time you’re in Boston we should have a beer! 🙂 glad you’re starting to feel better! Picking donors is oh so much fun (rolling eyes). Good luck sistah!

  4. I have not ever been to Boston- but I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go sometime. I think I am going to con my husband into it this fall. 🙂 beer- did someone say beer?!??!?!

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