Somehow I have screwed up my blog. Darn WordPress. I don’t remember changing my theme- but maybe it did it when I added my new header? All my links, tags, etc have disappeared! I have them added, and everything. CRAZY. bear with me, and will get all my links up soon!

Oh, and Bachelor Pad is wack.



7 responses to “AHHH!

  1. I like the new header! I think I’m going to love the drama on Bachelor Pad!!

  2. LOVE the new header!!

  3. The new header is beautiful! Alison does amazing work.
    Thank you for your comment on my bfn post.
    I am flying into Tampa. My grandmother’s house is in Tarpon Springs, she is in an assisted living in Holiday and my aunt lives in Pinellas.

  4. I love the new header!!!

  5. Hey lady, I’ve been following you peripherally!! =) Thanks for the comment.

  6. Love the new header!

  7. Love the new header! Love Alison too! She made my blog beautiful for me.

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