Support Needed!

First off- head over to Determined Dory and wish her luck. They did a TESE and ER yesterday (obviously one on her husband and one on her..hee hee). I won’t tell the story here…you must go HERE and read it- and you must comment if you go there. 🙂    Lets just say, I am tearing up over it just retyping it. Pray hard for them please!!!

There are a lot of people going through a lot right now so much. Nic needs a lot of support and love right now. Her damn Aunt showed up today…they one we all despise and curse. I am in tears for her too. The King and I were going to cycle at the same time, before the trip to England was planned. So, it is so hurtful too see her BFN. I so want to see her while I am in the UK and give her a baby present from the USA.

Foxy Popcorn (doesn’t that name RAWK?) has had a crappy week. Please head over and tell her you are thinking of her (or whatever comes to your mind- just please comment, and lets flood her with love). Once again I won’t go into too much detail b/c I want you read it in her words.  If you haven’t read her blog yet- she is great writer, and a great addition to any Google Reader.

Um, that kind of sounded like an advertisement. LOL!

There are bunch of heartaches going around in the IF circuit, and I am praying hard for everyone.  I don’t know if anyone else has been having issues posting comments on Blogger, but I have been. I have had to resort to the option where you enter your name and url. If there is only the option to do the specific log in (Typepad/openId/wordpress etc.) I get an error message and I can’t leave a comment. I have also had issues commenting on There is a good article on Cheating on your RE (HA HA- YUP!), but it says my IP address is blocked.?!?!?! Not a clue. I have commented recently, with no issues. Weird huh?

I have a some more stuffs mulling around…but shall be PWP posts. If you need it, please email me- or leave a comment on this post. I request an email and website to verify. I don’t want trolls, gnomes, zombies, or certain IRL peeps having my PWP posts. If you already have it and you are IRL- you are privileged!! 🙂

Loves to all!


4 responses to “Support Needed!

  1. Trying to spread the love!
    I have forgotten if I have the PW or not. Could I get it again?

  2. Hey girl! Thanks much for the shout out 🙂 It is much appreciated, as I really do feel jinxed this week, and completely unable to deal with my life. Being that today is Friday the 13th, I called in sick to work and will not be leaving the house.

    You know I love your blog too! (and am hopeful that we will get to cycle together later this fall.)

    xoxo – Foxy

  3. Thanks very much hun for the support!!

  4. Hey, I just found your blog. Thanks for sharing others’ blogs as well, I look forward to catching up with everybody!
    Feel free to follow me!

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