Support Group


Yup. This is it. Plus me. Sigh


9 responses to “Support Group

  1. If I lived near you, I would go….

    PS, I haven’t told you yet how much I love your new header! Very cute.

  2. I’m sorry sweetie. I admire you so much for doing this and showing up every time. If I was closer, I’d so be there.

  3. Ugh. Does the gnome at least talk about his issues?

    • Not really. He is such a stoic old man. He just doesn’t feel man enough for sweet Gnomette. He just stands there with a shit eating grin on his face, and they contently high five each other. I am beginning to think they are smoking dope. They are entirely to happy to be infertile. 🙂

  4. Everyone stood you up again? How rude!

  5. I’m sorry. I’ve been the only one there before and it totally sucks.

  6. oh, I wish I was there to be in your support group. I’m sorry.

  7. You know I would be there if I lived near you. Oh, and I feel like a complete MORON…you posted this pic on Twitter then later you posted that there was another couple. I thought a real couple actually showed up and tweeted about it. I’m an idiot…ok that makes up for you asking about the snake in the toilet 🙂

  8. again? It’s not like you are the only infertile couple in your town, where are all the other people? I am so impressed that you are doing this, and that you are really giving it a chance to be successful. Did you read my post about the group that is starting in my town – but it turns out its for parenting/adoption after infertility. I almost want to hop on a plane and come to your town to go to your next meeting. We could spend the whole time talking!!! and I’d even bring my gnome too 🙂

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