50 Lashes

That is how many lashes I should get b/c I have been a horrific blogger! Gah! I have had plenty to blog about, but it seems I am computer ADD. Facebook and  Twitter short and sweet for me to post. I read other people’s blogs, but the commenting eludes me. IDK what my deal is.

Okay. First of all. I am too damn old to go out drinking and dancing until 2am. Not when I have to WORK this weekend, AND pack for a 2 week trip to the UK. Gah. I have fun while I am out…but the before and after I am full of remorse. LOL.

Last night was pretty fun- we went out with a couple we are friends with that are a good bit younger than us. Like a decade. LOL. Around midnight my friend goes “Oh, I am tired. I just want to go to bed. I am too old for this”.  ROFLMAO.

I said “Oh honey- you don’t  even know. In a decade from now remember ME saying those exact words and you will understand!” HA HA. She has a real estate friend that apparently knows everyone and everybody in our town. There was a new nightclub that opened, and he had the “VIP” section. Which was basically an area that is raised up and used to be the platform for the band in the place that was there before. LOL. Small Town VIP. Gotta love it. I do have to say- Free (to me) Grey Goose, Crown,  Rum of some kinda, diet coke, mmppphh. Oh, and free flowing Ziplocks. I didn’t know what they were, and I had about three b/c they honestly taste like a Jolly Rancher. Then someone told me that they had RED FUCKING BULL in them. Awesome. I hate that shit. Jacks me up 5 ways to sunday. Needless to say, I fell asleep around, oh- 4am. DAMMIT.

Mental note- always ask WTF I am drinking before I say “HELLZ YEAH!” and down a damn blue or green shot.

Aruba.  Remember that trip I took like two weeks ago that I haven’t posted about?

AWESOME! I ❤ Aruba. I can’t wait to go back. We did a few ‘excursions’ and had a blast. One day we went snorkeling, and the water was PERFECT for it. There are really not big waves on the southern part of the island, so snorkeling is perfect. There was a shipwreck that was about 60 feet down that we snorkeled over- very eerie. Okay, Eerie is a tough one to spell.

Then on Tuesday we did a Jeep Adventure, and went off roads. It was pretty cool b/c it was like a barren desert on the northern part of the island. No one lives there and it is just rocks and dirt. We visited the Natural Pool and the Natural Bridge. The original one collapsed a few years ago, but they still have the “Baby Bridge”, which is pretty huge to me.

We rented a car and hit some snorkeling spots on our own, and that was AWESOME. Seriously- if you love to snorkel..get yo ass to Aruba!

Then we had a day of NOTHING. Seriously- I got up at 7am to get a beach cabana, and I only left to go get breakfast. I read an entire book and it was awesome! The King is a restless sort, and has the attention span of a gnat- so he walked a lot listening to his iPod. Whatever- I didn’t care b/c he was happy.

I used 8 bottles of sunscreen for 6 days in Aruba. I got one little pink area on my back, but that was about it. YAY! Pretty good for staying in the water most of the time. I love Coppertone Sport Spray 50 spf. LOL.

It was sad to come home, especially since The King got his ass kicked at work the next weekend. Back to reality huh?

ALSO, I got an email during vacation that said basically I was fired. Not really fired b/c they have no reason to fire me (um, one of the best employee’s they have had actually). Rather, I wouldn’t commit to near full time hours (I am an on-call employee) in October- so they had to make a ‘business decision’ and let me go. Sigh. It hurts b/c I love my job- but in October we are going to be doing our first dIUI. I can’t promise that. We have to drive 4 hours to the BAU- and we are not triggering or anything. It all depends on my body.

That is why I took that job- for the flexibility. I honestly think that my boss thought I was going to say “Oh, okay- I will work 36 each week no matter what, and pick up extra on top of that” b/c that is what I have done in the past. I don’t think she expected me to say no. This is my last weekend working, and I haven’t told my co-workers. It is too sad, and I know they are all going to beg me not to quit. I really don’t want to tell the doctors I work with- they all like working with me, and trust me. One of the doctors yesterday said “Bumpy, I really wish you worked every day I was here. I don’t have to worry about your assessments”.


What do I do? Family (or my quest for one) comes first.

I had to choose.

Anyways- here are some pic

Happy Couple

Aruba shoreline

Really thought we would die jeep adventure

Our fertility wish cairn in Aruba

Cairn Wishes

Collapsed Natural Bridge

Baby Natural Bridge



7 responses to “50 Lashes

  1. Wow, those are incredible pictures! So beautiful! Glad you had a good time :).

    Sorry to hear about your job, but yes, your family-building is more important than some employer who doesn’t value you. Still sucks though :(.

  2. Hey girl – Work drama sucks, but I’ll put money on them calling you later asking you to fill in on shifts. some manager are just retarded.

    Ohhhh, I hope that we can cycle together in October. I just realized that we are finishing up the 6 months hormone therapy for ML and will need to schedule his final SA and FNA MAP the first week of October. If there is no sperm (which is the likely scenario) we get to move forward with diui asap! My birthday is in November, and my new dream is that I’ll find out I’m preggers for my bday! (I do realize that I’m setting myself up for disappointment, but I really don’t care. Its what I want and I deserve a little dreaming until then.)

    ohh-kay – take care – xoxo – Foxy

  3. Yummy pics! What a fun trip. Speaking of old, that would be me…I don’t even know anything about ziplock bags and what that entails when going out….I can’t even recall the last time I went to a club! =)
    Sorry about the job…but perhaps, with cycling in Oct, it is for the best. Excited for you!

  4. Looks like heaven! Sorry about your job-but happy for the reason. October is just around the corner!!!

  5. I want to live in Aruba!! It’s so beautiful!
    I wish your company would’ve worked with you. 😦 That really sucks. But you’re doing what’s right for you!

  6. I love your pictures.
    On a side note: I am sending you baby dust and I am so glad I found your blog.

  7. WHERE ARE YOU SWEETIE?? Missing you.

    ((HUGS)) hope you are okay.

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