Well Crap….

The Steelers lost, and today is offically CD1

dIUI#1 under our belt. On to #2.

Dammnit Steelers- can’t you win ONE game that I attend?!?!


7 responses to “Well Crap….

  1. 😦 Sorry. I am glad you are not skipping a beat and moving to #2.


  2. Oh Bumpy, I am so sorry. I know that you must be so disappointed. If I lived close, I’d scoop you up and whisk you away to a spa to be pampered to your hearts content. You deserve lots of special right now.

    xoxo~ foxy

  3. Oh no, I’m so sorry :(.
    I really wish things had worked the first time around, but I hope that try #2 will bring you a bfp!

  4. Oh crap. I am sorry

  5. Totally sucks, sorry about #1. Best wishes for this cycle.

  6. So sorry about the failed cycle…keeping my fingers crossed for this next one!

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