So here I am sitting here trying to figure out what to post. I don’t do well with deadlines, and such.  I need inspiration, so I am going to go with  Suzy’s idea and post this month with an alphabet theme. I love Suzy’s idea about Alphabet soup. All the letters in the month…but possibly out of order. I am going to TRY and stay in order..but if I get to stumped I tend to give up. We don’t want this do we?

To without further ADIU…I will start with my letter A

A today is Anonymity.

When I first started this blog I wanted to stay completely anonymous. I wanted no one IRL to know anything about my rantings and general craziness that came about b/c of IF. I felt disloyal to my husband with my rants, and it was easy to get stuff off my chest knowing that I was anonymous.

Sloooooowly this is going out the window. I have shared my blog with close friends- friends I know understand…and that know everything that is going into the blog anyways. Well, most of it- given that most all of my besties live so far away. Plus something just sound stupid when spoken…but I still need to get them out.
PLUS- this is my space. They don’t have to read it, and they can take it in bits and pieces.
The Anonynimity has also eeked out some when I recently posted on some IRL friend’s blogs under THIS blog. DOH. One less shield.
I am okay with it. I really am….I want to come out of the IF closet- but it is hard.

I have shared my name and address with a few bloggers, and I am okay with that. I am actually MORE than okay with that. I have found that blogging connects you in such a wonderful way. Each comment is like a hug, and a validation of your feelings.
I have started Twittering with my BumpyJourney persona- and I was extremely worried about that…but I have found it is just an extension of blogging to me. I like it over facebook, but I can’t SAY that on FB b/c then my IRL people would want to find me. I want my Twitter to stay pseudo-anonymous.

I am not ready to come out of the closet totally, but I think I am making steps.

Recently my town had a Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk, and there were over 10,000 people present for the walk. The paper also said that 1 in 8 women will fight breast cancer. I think most of us know where I am going with this….Resolve estimated that 1 in 8 couples experience infertility. Can you imagine if we all wore our Pomegranate color and rocked a walk.
Yeah right….I can’t even get people to come to an ANONYMOUS support group.

The anonymity is security for IFers methinks.

5 responses to “A…

  1. What a great post for the letter “A”! I had the same idea when I started blogging–and same thing–I started sharing a little bit more and more….I still dont want ALL the people in my life to know about the blog, but Ive been so happy about the people I have shared it with. Glad we have been able to connect through blogging!

  2. I don’t mind perfect strangers reading my blog, but I hate the idea of friends and family reading my private thoughts. They know me, but they don’t need to know EVERYTHING. I think it’s more because I don’t want someone to try and “fix” me when I’m having a bad day, and I certainly don’t want anyone’s pity, and I know there is not much else my IRL friends can offer right now. I know my online friends will just give me love and support and that’s why they’re so fantastic :).
    Still, maybe one day it would be nice for my family to read the blog. Not the gross girly bits talk, but the part about the struggle, the pain and the heartache. Who knows, they could probably learn something…

  3. Pomegranate shirts would rock.

  4. I have three people I know IRL who read my blog. ..and that’s plenty for me. I often wonder why I can talk about my husbands headaches so easily to everyone, but not my our struggles with infertility.

    So glad you’re doing the 30 days challenge! Can’t wait to see the rest of your alphabet!

  5. I would totally go to an IF walk! 🙂 But, I was never in the IF closet … although, none of my IRL peeps know about my blog. Mostly ’cause I talk about them, and it’s nice to talk freely.

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