B is for…..

B is for BEAR…Build-a-Bear.
The night before the last cycle (dIUI#1) Kingman and I stopped at Build-a-Bear workshop to make a bear for our baby. (guess we will go back and get a second if we have twins) My husband is from an area that is known for black bears, and when we saw this one he had a bond. He doesn’t really decide on things- is more a”whatever you like/want honey” kind of person. I guess for a lot of women that would be AWESOME, but I like to have participation. I have learned to live with it…but when he hones in on something I love it. I have to go with it.

Even a black bear. 🙂  It was super cute dressed up as Darth Vader also. The hubs didn’t want any clothes, but he did kiss the heart before we put it in our little Gordon.

Without further adieu.

Our Baby Black Bear- full of wishes.


4 responses to “B is for…..

  1. He kissed the heart?? That is so sweet!

  2. so adorable! the bear and the story. i wish that was my story 🙂

  3. That is precious! I can’t wait until Bear meets your someday baby!

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