F is for Friends.

I am blessed to have so many friends. When we are younger, it seems so much easier to find likeminded people to be friends with. I think that is b/c we are still coming into our own “grown up self”. We are still being molding into who we are. We are influenced by the friends we make- good or bad. Sometimes being friends with someone that hurts you turns you into a better person. You learn how NOT to treat people.

I am one of the type of person that makes friends pretty easy- but the fostering of those friendships can be difficult. I guess I am n0t the kind of person that wants to sit around and bullshit for hours with someone that irritates me for whatever reason. I have had people want to hang out with me b/c they think I am certain way b/c of who I am married to. I am not materialistic, and I am a simple person. I shop clearance and clip coupons. I put the max into my IRA, and I watch my accounts religiously. I don’t live for the next designer shoe sale.

Um, tangent much?

Where was I? Oh, yeah friends. 🙂  I have made a few really good friends here. I am fine with that- b/c the friends I have made in my three years in this town, I KNOW I will stay friends with forever. I think that is the difference when you get older(which can be relative), the close friends you make are ones you will keep forever.

Now there is the element of internet friends. I must be the luckiest girl in the world b/c I have met the best set of friends over the interwebs.

I may be physically alone at times, but I am never EVER truely alone. There seems to always be someone on the other end of the twitter feed, or commenting on my blog.

Thank you all so much.

I love you ALL!


Oh, F is also for FIRE. Being that it got down to a chilly chilly 40 something last night it was offically winter weather down here. We had a friend bring some firewood last night (um, did anyone else that a CORD of wood is a lot of damn wood?). We have had a fire going, and it is wonderful. Even if yesterday I had to turn OFF the heat pump b/c the AC kept turning on. LOL.

My husband is happy, and therefore I am happy.

Have a happy night!



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