D is for DONE.

I am done with my femara for this cycle. I don’t know if it is b/c I had other stuff going on, and I have been sick that I haven’t over analyzed everything going on in my body or what. I can tell you this- I think the only side effect I have from the Femara is Migraines. Oh my sweet Jesus the migraines I have been getting.

Friday was insane. I felt kinda yukky all day,but by three p.m. I was DONE for the day. I couldn’t even stand up straight. I couldn’t bear to wear my glasses b/c they hurt so bad. I couldn’t go to sleep b/c the pain was unbearable. I took all I could take. Ibuprofen, maxalt, coffee, and aspirin, hot bath, cold ice pack, decongestants. Dark quiet room. it was horrible. The Second worst one I have ever had. The first was one that resulted in an ER visit b/c I couldn’t see, and wouldn’t stop vomiting.  Ugh.

Anyhoo. Last night I over indulged with some wine- stoooooooopid. I put a fork in me for today- the did me in for today. WTF was I thinking? Well, we had a lot of fun playing Wii Party, and drinking. I made my trademark Curried Pumpkin soup, Fine’s Herbs and wheat germ rolls, chicken, and veggies…and pumpkin bread for dessert. mmmmm…..I rocked. I know it. 🙂 (I am humble too)

Anyhoo- today, I popped open my baby bottle (ha ha-get it? Femara?) and realized they were my last two pills to take (yup, THIS cycle I took them at the same time> LOL) and realized I have been not paying attention to my body. I wish this would happen during my 2ww.

So I am done until trigger shot. I leave Wednesday to drive up for my appointment at the BAU(Big Ass University) for the Ultrasound on Thursday.

uh, I don’t think I posted for yesterday. DOH. Imma have to chck on that…..


2 responses to “D….

  1. Sorry that headache was so awful! I overdid the wine a little bit last night myself :). It was only two glasses, but for some reason it hit me HARD. Guess that’s what happens when you don’t drink much anymore…
    The dinner you made sounds delish!!

  2. Migranes are awful. I’ve only ever had one, and it was horrendous. It messed with my vision and made my arm go numb, and then the nausea started, and then the pain. I thought for sure I was dying. Thank god for the ER and some wonderful shots they gave me. It took me a week to recover from that awful headache. I thought all migraines were like that, and was so scared that I would have more. Thank god that was the only one!

    Yeahhhh that you are done with your femara! Is femara the same thing as clomid? Why would a dr prescribe one over the other?

    I wish that I could come over and play WIIIII with you. and eat your yummy soup too 🙂 someday maybe!

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