Today R is for RECEIPTS!

I am trying to get all my tax stuff together because as soon as it is ready to send in, I am sending it in. I want to know if we are close to meeting our deduction for the year,and if not we want to put more in our Keogh plan or donate to charity. EVERY LITTLE bit helps.

I have been keeping all receipts b/c I am habitually a procrastinator. I enter all of them into my handy dandy NEAT RECEIPTS thing, since you need to keep all your records for 7 years. Anyone that has kept these new thermal receipts knows that they barely last a few months- much less years. The IRS accepts receipts scanned into this system now. YAY!

So here I am seperating out the recipts, while battling the BAU over our money from Kingman’s surgery (that is a whole post in itself).

I have a spreadsheet made out with the dates, and mileage for the each of the trips up there. Luckily for me, a lot of our appointments I planned around other stuff- when we would be going up to visit friends and family (uh, baby showers).

Anyhoodle. It is roughly 502 miles round trip for each appointment. Kingman’s surgery and postop appointments. etc. etc. etc. So 502 x 16.4 cents is WHAT?!?! $82.33 PER TRIP? No way. I have kept gas, food and hotel receipts. I don’t know if that will make a difference- I think it is more than 82.33 we spent each time. LOL I am going to have to talk to my CPA about this b/c we have been up there 5 times this year so far. That is $411.64  just for medical travel deductions? LOL.

I don’t know if it will make a difference, but we also have the DS that we bought, and all that crrrrrrap (again with the scottish brogue).

I am drowning in receipts.

I can’t wait for the football game tonight so I can blow off some steam!!!!!


6 responses to “R…

  1. i ma terrible about keeping the receipts. My husband makes sure we keep all of the records. I hope you can deduct all of that stuff!

  2. Wow, I wish you could be my CPA. You’re a pro!! 🙂 And I think you’re right – for a trip that far, you had to have spent more than $82 per trip!

  3. Last year I kept all receipts, tallied all our expenses, flight & hotel for surgery, all doctor’s appt, acupuncture, medications, and after all that we were just short the allowed amount. SUCKED.

  4. Sheesh, this is so much work, but really worthwhile when you actually meet the deductible. We did it too, and managed to get quite a bit back. Remember that you can also include the mileage for your “regular” appointments, e.g. dentist, general practitioner, opthalmologist, blood draws, etc. It all adds up, and every little bit helps.

  5. 16.4 cents per mile really seems low. I get 55 cents reimbursement for work. and the government reburses nearly 50 cents per mile. Why would the medical deduction be so low? Especially in states where the cost of gas is so insanely high!!!
    We also traveled to our own BAU, which was close to a 500 mile round trip, plus expensive parking.

    Ohhh, keep fighting the BUA on the bill for kingmans surgery. I also keep meticulous records (for our medical stuff, at least) and in two case it has paid off big time. They overcharged us $1,500 for ML’s TESE (actually sent us to collections before it finally got cleared up), and because I pushed they gave us a discount of $1000 for his FNA MAP!

    We will emerge victorious over those BAU’s!!!

  6. I suck at keeping receipts together. You’re pretty dang awesome for doing it!

    Go get ’em and that money that’s missing!

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