Today that is going to be for QUICKIE.

That is what this blog post is. LOL. I am barely squeeking this one in at the last minute- but I wanted to get it in.

Today my mood has been the opposite of quick. Slow- blah. I am extremely bloated, and have put on about 5 pounds in the last week alone. I don’t know where it is coming from, but I am miserable. I am right at the weight that now I am uncomfortable all the time. Ugh. I have been walking on the treadmill- but I guess I need to get QUICKER on it. I need to QUELL the need to keep up with twitter, blogs, facebook (although that is going to the wayside lately anyways), etc.

I need to QUENCH my hunger with…uh, well I guess a tennis ball taped in my mouth. LOL. I think part of this is getting off of my happy pills- I just slow down when I am off of them. Sigh.

Today turned QUICK pretty, well, fast. (LOL) I have a friend whose Grandmother in-law had to have emergency surgery today. I had to go get her dog from her work, and I currently am dogsitting until  tomorrow. This sweet thing is so freakin’ cute!  It has been interesting to say the least. I went over to another friends house to go grab some dinner and play some games- it was so funny to see this dog and the other one fighting over toys. They only wanted it when the one had it. LOL. I figure that is much like toddlers. 🙂

Appearently he is used to sleeping in the bed…but Kingman nixed that idea. 🙂 I have him a little nest on the couch and he is snoozing (the dog, not my husband).

I need to follow behind. I am tired. Gotta finish up around the house here tomorrow b/c I go up to BAU for my ultrasound Thursday.

yipppe. Here goes another 80+ bucks into my deduction. HA HA HA


3 responses to “Q…

  1. what? sorry, I got so excited when I saw “Quickie” I couldn’t focus on reading any more!!! haha

    Way to get my attention!

  2. Really thought you were going a different direction with this post ;).

    Hope things slow down to a more normal pace for you soon!

  3. I’ve put on about 6lbs lately and I HATE it!

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