U my lovelies is for ultrasound. The term ultrasound tends to create visions of alien faces that people cherish and happy happy times. Well….for those in the IF realm have totally different reality.
In OUR reality ultrasounds are anxiety creating annoyances that, even when it is that first glimpse of a Beautiful beating heart. IFs are wary, skeptical and pensive  of everything until our child is a squiggly vernix covered blob of pure love.

Sigh…I digress.
Ultrasound. I got my day 11 ultrasound today, I had two follicles. Both 18.5. Lining Beautiful.
Right ovary had a complex cycst that wasn’t there last time. That was what all the pain and tenderness I felt apparently I was gestating an endometrioma. Go me.
As usual the left ovary was extremely difficult to find. Thank God this time I had sense to poo before the US.
APPARENTLY my ovary bassically right on the top of the Ute.
Lots of digging. Lots of discomfort.

Plan is trigger tommore at eight.
IUI Sunday


6 responses to “U….

  1. Yay to triggering!! Good luck for your IUI!
    I must remember that, pooing before helps!!

  2. Ok, here we go! Good luck!

  3. We are sending you all the good vibes for this cycle.

  4. So exicting, so close!! Wishing you the best of luck!

  5. Great follies! Good luck with the iui!

  6. Wooohooooo! Best of luck and good thoughts for you!

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