Today my lovelies…I is for INTRAUTERINE INSEMINATION aka IUI.

That would be what I am doing tomorrow. It is crazy how anticlimactic it is this time. I just ‘meh’ about it. I hate even saying that- but honestly. I am already frustrated at this whole process.  I think b/c last month I really entertained the idea that it would happen, and thought it would. Then we had the BFN, and now it has turned out to the same old same old. I feel like it just another ‘thing’ to do.

I am trying to stay positive about it, but I can’t get my head around it. We went out with a friend of ours to eat some Thai food- I ate some sushi..albiet shrimp tempura rolls (does that count?) Then we went to our favorite resturant in town and hung out with all our friends from this city. I drank some beer, and I didn’t have that “this is going to be my last beer” feeling.

I must get out of this funk. I think I am trying to build a cocoon around myself b/c I don’t want to feel that pain of the BFN again.


So my ladies and gents- today is for IUI…but it is for TOMORROW.

Wish us luck getting knocked up at 11am CST. LOL

5 responses to “I….

  1. Sending you positive vibes for this cycle! I hope it was your last beer for a while!

  2. It’s so normal to try and guard yourself after so many letdowns. Just remember that there are millions of (jackass) people who really, really don’t want to get pregnant and do anyways. So don’t feel like your mental funk is going to prevent anything. If that’s how you’re feeling, just let yourself be ok with where you are. Still though, I do hope you find a wee bit of excitement and hope in the process! Good luck!

  3. It is a letdown, finding out that the first try didn’t work. I agree. But I also have this core belief that getting knocked up is supposed to a wonderful positive thing. (and since I actually enjoyed the chance to pretend I was pregnant with this last 2ww, I am feeling pretty good that I can do it again!)

    Good Luck Today!!!

  4. i hope it went well!

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