O….Operation Impregnation-Second Wave

Today is brought to by the Letter O. In particular Operation Impregnation #2 happened today at around 1135am. It was a different Fellow on call that performed it. She wasn’t as put together as the first one- but whatever. She didn’t have nurses there to do it, and apparently there were a lot of IUIs today.  On the weekends we have to sign in at the security desk.  I know you are not supposed to look at the names etc…so I just looked at the destination. There were four people before us, then when we left 4 more had signed in. I never saw them- so who knows where they were put. I thought I heard some voices, but I dunno.

The procedure went well, I had a little discomfort with the speculum, but over all it was okay. The hubs just held my hand- didn’t do any cervix scoping this time. 🙂 He was super sweet.  I didn’t really have any cramping afterwards like I did before. That given- we left right after the procedure to drive home. We drove up there separately, so I stopped by a new used book store in town. OMG. It has only been open a few weeks, but HOLY COW! The building used to be a Goody’s store- and the whole thing is ridiculously full of books. INSANE! I got 4 audiobooks for 35 bucks. I love to listen to audiobooks while I drive b/c the ride gets booooooring listening to just music.

Anyhoo- we drove home, went and changed and headed to our local favorite bar to watch the Steelers lose fabulously. Ugh. What a sucky game tonight. Hopefully we will make it to the Playoffs so I can go to another game.

Anyhoodle- here I am gassy as all get out. I dunno what is going on, but I am crazy uncomfortable and passing gas like crazy. I might just blow out the troopers. LOL.

Night all.


8 responses to “O….Operation Impregnation-Second Wave

  1. Woo hoo! Crossing my fingers and saying a prayer for a BFP for you this cycle!

  2. Wow, you’ve got the double IUI down pat! Great job! I’m sending lots of good baby vibes your way – and I hope the 2WW flies by before you run out of alphabet letters! 🙂

  3. Keeping fingers crossed for ya’ :).

  4. Crossing everything I got for this cycle!!!

  5. Thinking GREAT THOUGHTS! xoxo

  6. Wishing you lots of good luck for your cycle! 🙂

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