K is for KICKED IN THE ASS…which is exactly what happened to my Steelers yesterday…and is what is currently happening to the Washington Redskins as we speak. There is almost 60 points scored- it is just embarassing. Ugh.

There have been quite a few crappy Monday Night Football games this year- or is it just me?

I am a huge Steelers fan (as I have said before- is there any other type?), because my hubby is one. I learned really quick in our relationship that it was either learn it, enjoy it, have fun- or lose my hubby for 5 or so months out of the year…..or just break up. Neither appealed to me, so I learned it. It didn’t hurt that the first year we were dating was when the Steelers won Superbowl XL in a true story book fashion. Got into the playoff as a wild card. Bettis’ last year, and the Super Bowl held in his home town.

Sigh. As a Cubs fan, I was NOT used to winning! I loved it ,and I was hooked. Once I understood a lot of the basics of football, it was better. Those guys do so much more than just run around on the field and push each other around. It is a complex, and highly planned game. The sheer number of plays, code words, routes, etc. They have to learn astounds me. Do I think they deserve more money in a season than my husband will ever see in his lifetime? Probably not- but I tune Sundays, Monday, and Thursdays starting in November.

I love it.

Even when we get KICKED in the ass.

I know there are some of you that are rolling your eyes. I felt the same way- I used to hate football. I think it helps now that I understand it, and have a vested (albiet emotional) interest in it.

Anyhoodle. There is my K. I was KINDA reaching for that one.


PS. I feel fine- other that *TMI* being insanely constipated. I have eaten about 6 prunes today with no result. I am frightened they are going to KICK in at 2am. HA HA. Just as long as I don’t crap my pants. You ladies that  trigger and IUI what day do you count as your ovulation? The day of the IUI? Am I 1dpo? I just don’t know. It is so confusing. LOL.


5 responses to “K

  1. I call the day after my iui 1 dpo. The trigger takes like 36 hours to work usually.

  2. I gave up on trying to figure out which day was my ovulation, I just did days past IUI. 🙂

  3. I think it’s 24-36 hours after the trigger shot.

  4. Hi. I was happy to see your comments on my blog but NOT happy to see your name linked to porn! All of the comments you posted, I had to delete because they kept taking me to a horrible site. Maybe your account is hacked?

  5. Thinking of you! (just wanted to drop a line to say that)


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