N today my lovies is for NEEDLES!

I have been suffering majorly with headaches during this 2ww. They suck ass. Beyond sucking ass. All I can say is that if this is what HCG does to me, it is going to be a tough first few months of pregnancy when it happens. YIKES.

I  booked an acupunture session today. The dr I went to has been treating my friend for a long time, and I have another friend that works there. So, I trust him (as much as I trust anyone that wants to yank my head off of my body. LOL). I don’t particularly like Chiropractors, but I respect what they do. Perhaps it is b/c I don’t understand it totally, I dunno. All I know is my body is jacked up, and I need help.

He first did the most detailed history I think I have ever gotten. I think we spent at least 45 mintues talking about all my symptoms…and how weird they are. LOL. “you are going to be a challenge”. Awesome, I love a challenge- NOT.

He did an assessment of my body alignment, and had me lay down flat and striaght. Appearently I am as crooked as they come. Not only that I have one hip tilted forward and one tilted back. Awesome. I like being weird.  He explained how the stress of it causes certians muscluo-skelatal pains, all the way up to neck. He said “you probably have a lot of tenderness *here* (as he pokes a place on my neck)”  I almost jumped off the table. Felt like a hot poker.


Then he started prattling off specific pain I more than likely have b/c of the way my body is. He was right on every count.

Okay, so I will be open to some chiropractical stuff now. He was pretty spot on- I refuse to the neck adjusting though. He uses the hole puncher thing only.

Okay, then come along to the acupuncture. He started in the head and ears- one on the top of the head, some around the base of my skull and several in each ear. It felt something akin to pulling out a single hair. Didn’t really hurt, but obviously wasn’t pleasurable. It is all good with me b/c I don’t have any kind of phobia about needles. In fact I watch as the stick a 14 gauge in for blood donations. I watch IV starts. I am able to detach and watch with my clinical mind.

He said that any feeling of relaxation is good, we build from that, etc. etc.

I didn’t get a warm fuzzy feeling, but I tried to ‘clear my mind’ (ha ha ha) by trying to visualize my blood going through my heart into my lungs and then back through the heart and out again. I would follow it to different organs, and try. Forsome reason this helps me. I was able to relax definitely.


The awesome part was I paid, left. Stopped somewhere, went home….looked in the mirror and I basicaly had a right ear full of blood. LOL. The on write on the outside bleed. LOL. I am not surprised b/c I bleed like a stuck pig anyways.  It was just funny b/c I wonder what the heck the checkout clerk at the store was thinking…and WHY did she say anything? HA HA.

“excuse me ma’am…I think you are bleeding out of your ear? Are you possessed or have a widely communicable disease like ebola? Mkay, just checking”




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