E is for Extra today lovelies.

There are some extras we all want. Extra cheese with your nachos at the movies. Extra follicles for your IVF (but not too many for your IUI) Extra time to do…well, watch tv is my favorite. LOL.

What my husband and I did today was try to figure out how to get extra money. We met with a financial advisor today, and it went really well. We are pretty frugal (ie CHEAP AS HELL), and try to manage our money. Our biggest vice is eating out and traveling. Eating out WHILE traveling is even better.

We recently met with our CPA to go over taxes, etc. etc. He recommended a lawyer for wills , trusts and annuities (um, the last two I forgot to ask about). He also recommended a financial advisor- investment guy.  The guy I found is awesome.

He does this think called Envision. You figure out your acceptable and ideal goals for retirement. It consantly evaluates your assests, etc. to see where you fall. VERY simple explanation, but we like the idea.  We didn’t realize there is so much to plan for (caring for our parents one of them).

We also didn’t realize how /where to put our money to help protect it for our kids. (529 anyone?)

It was pretty funny when he was asking about our assets. um. Old ass Jeep, and Well Worn Honda. A house. A diamond ring(he didn’t consider that really an assest, but it is the most expensive thing to me!!!). That was about it.

Same questions “Any valuable artwork?” Nope- unless you count the water color I got for 10 pounds in London?

“Any valuable coins?” I have 6 of the state quarters. All used. Does that count?

“Any antique furniture?” Well, I have a sofa I bought for 200$ 10 years ago. 🙂 oh..that isn’t antique?

Well, then NO.I don’t have jack shit, and we are boring people!

“Lets talk about your goals. Retirement? How do you want to live?” uh, with food on the table and a roof over my head at the least? Most- travel to see my family.

HA HA. WE are boring ass people. Also, apparently we dont’ even know WHO the fucking Joneses are to try and keep up with them.

THEN we went and watched Saw 3D and I feel like negated any kind of feelings of being grown up that the meeting with the financial adviser gave me.

That was one sick as shit movie. I like the story line (ha ha ha) of the Saw movies, but gah. I had my eyes closed or looking at my lap during most of it.

I also don’t think the series is over. There will be more. Maybe 10 years from now- but there will be more.

Be afraid…be verrrrry afraid. LOL


4 responses to “E….

  1. gold stars for you and Kingman! If I’ve learned anything from my parents mistakes, it is that i alone am responsible for planning for my future and retirement. Thank goodness that ML and I share a general sense of fiscal responsibility, and interest in having a beautiful retirement. A few years ago ML started tracking all of our finances on Quickbooks.
    I got so turned on when I saw the retirement category that actually had money in it! It made me realize that we are both so truly committed to being old together.

    Kind of changing the subject, I’ve always wondered how our friends make their finances work. Finances are such a private matter though so no one really talks about it. I think it would be so awesome if we could share and learn from one another without any kind of judgement. I’d just like to know where we fit, you know, and how we could make even better choices about our money.

  2. I really miss eating out. There is nothing better than someone else cooking and bringing you food.

  3. You know what, my husband is a CPA. You’d think we’d have our finances in order. You’d think that wouldn’t you! LOL!

    We seriously need to get our @#$% together with our money too.

    Good for you!

  4. I love eating out! that would so hard to give up!!

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