I have been feeling very short of breath yesterday and today. Nausea on the plane.  Migraines last week…….

Could this be why?



12 responses to “Woah….

  1. Congrats!!! Wishing you a H&H 9 months!!

  2. OMG!!!! I am so freaking excited!!! I just yelped out loud and scared my husband.

  3. Oh my goodness!! That’s awesome! I’m so so so so happy for you! Congratulations!

  4. Yea, baby! That’s a line. Definitely. Doing a happy dance over here. Not so much for the nausea and migraines as for the liiiinnnneee! Wow. Wow. Wow.

  5. Looks like 2 lines to me!! Keeping everything crossed that is becomes a confirmed double line!!! 😀

    I am speechless!

    all I can do is scream!!!!!!! !!!

    Are you screaming too?

  7. Oh my! What a time to be away from the blogs! Holy moly, that’s a second line!!! Congratulations!!!!!

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