All Mixed Up, Don’t Know What To Do…….

Hallo there my loyal followers! LOL. Do I have anyone left?

What is new with me. Humm…well I had my Beta #1 on Tuesday N0vember the 30th.    I had my local OB’s office write the order, and the results sent to them and to my RE.  The RN called me the next day at around 11am with the results (super fast results b/c I got it drawn around 430pm.) The result was 311.

All I could think was “Thought a Freak would be the thing, but you know it won’t last… just get off of your ASS”. HA HA HA.  So I was to go on Thursday afternoon for beta #2. Thus the madness begins. I called and left a message Friday around noon b/c I needed to know when to our follow appointment was going to be b/c Kingman has to tell his office manager and RN so they can reschedule patients. We have to know in advance, and sometimes they can get these patients worked in earlier, and everyone is happy. SO, the RN called me back and said she didn’t understand my message, and wanted to see how she could help. I explained. Her “oh, I didn’t realize you didn’t have your appointment. The doctor has your chart on the desk to go over everything. We need to get you in to meet with him and talk.”  Or pretty much something like that. She didn’t say anything about an ultrasound… but didn’t say the beta was bad….I just don’t know. PERHAPS I might be overanalyzing it all. I KNOW the doctor has to sign off on all lab results- even normal ones- before the RN can tell the patient. I KNOW this. I have LIVED it.  Um, I also know there is a way to not FREAK THE FUCK OUT of your patients. LOL.

I understand emergencies happen, and Fridays are rough. I live this life. My husband lives that life- I DO UNDERSTAND.

It doesn’t make it easier. My hubs stepped up and called the office again, but it went to voice mail.  They return phone calls that were received before 3pm, after 3pm calls are returned the next business day. Sigh. So here we are- the next business day is MONDAY. Blah.

So of course, the stress of IF, and the disbelief that I am actually pregnant lit a fire that I have miscarried and they don’t want to tell me. Stupid I know. Probably it was good and doubled, so they just moved on the next thing. Maybe she thought she already told me. I dunno.

Patience has NEVER EVER been a positive virtue of mine.

So what does a normal and sane person do? Go directly to the drugstore and buy 6 pregnancy tests and promptly pee on one. Duh. I KNOW even if my pregnancy was goign to crap, I would still have HCG in my urine- thus a BFP. Needless to say, I peed yesterday and today to stare at them and compare from day to day.  There is just some sort of comfort in peeing on things. Neurotic much?

Other than I am doing okay. Just tired. I am not really nauseated or anything. Sometimes I get “meh- don’t care about food”, others I am like “OMG if I don’t get some chicken tikka masala right now at 6am i am going to die a horrible death” LOL.

Yesterday I was in a sour mood. So I went on a little retail therapy. Okay- A LOT of retail therapy. Back in July we got the Geek Squad to come out and assess our home for a new TV and home theater. then we got skittish on spending the money. We talked ourselves out of it. Oh, then I had a bad day. A hormonal freaking out bad day.

So what did this chica buy? A huge ass tv. Oh yeah. 3D and 55 inches of pure joy. A new receiver and dvd player. Speakers and all that jazz. Everything. I am beyond excited. It is going to be delivered the 16th, and the Geeks are coming on the 17th to install it. I haven’t told the hubs- just going to have them set it up and surprise him. 🙂  I think I just MAY win wife of the year.

He wins husband of the years since he works so hard and is basically buying it himself. LOL. I got an extra set of glasses so we have have FOUR people watch at the same time. 🙂 I am too freakin’ excited.

Anyhoo- going to run off and attempt to do something today. blah.




7 responses to “All Mixed Up, Don’t Know What To Do…….

  1. I bet it did double and like you said – they just moved on to the next thing. But how frustrating!!!!!!

  2. When I got my first beta results, my RN told me that they want a number around 30. She told me to be prepared not to confirm my pregnancy until they saw the number double. But my beta was 260something, and she said….. you’re pregnant, for reals. You can celebrate now. They still scheduled me for the second beta, but something that high is just a very positive thing. So… just chalk it up to crappy disorganized office staff. You’re pregnant! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!

  3. Congrats! That’s great beta! I got BFP on dIUI #2 as well!!! I am a week behind you:)

  4. That is a great beta, and I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Congratulations, and I hope you can kill time until Monday rolls around. How agonizing – you should lecture them about the undue stress they’re causing (even if you do understand)!

  5. Girl – You are SO MUCH MORE understanding and patient than I would be in your shoes! I swear to gad that I would have lost it on the phone with the nurse. (I know that you are a nurse, but I generally don’t have any patience for them, and demand to talk to the doc, yeah, I am that crazy patient that the nurses hate!) So I think you win, not only the WIFE of the year award, but the PATIENT of the year award for the incredible restraint and patience that you are showing!

    Regardless, that is a freakin awesome beta – are you prepared for more that one? 🙂 hehe. I take comfort in that you would have got a phone call back if there was a problem, but since you didn’t you are safe to assume that your body is rawking pregnant and doing everything that it needs to be doing just perfectly. Listen to those CB meditations and get into that place of trust and love of your body. Did you order the pregnancy meditations yet?

    love love love to you, the king, and those little embies that are nestling in for the long haul!
    xoxo – Foxy

  6. gah! I would be dying if they didn’t get back to me with my beta number. How frustrating. I hope they call you first thing on monday and apologize.

  7. I’m sure everything is great. Try not to stress. I am so happy for you my friend. (((HUGS)))

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