How Cat Shit and A Gnome Changed My Life


Everyone has a story on how they became engaged. Most are at least “AWWWWW” worthy. Few are EWWWWW worthy.  Those that know me well, know that NOTHING is ever normal in my life.  My engagement is one of them. 🙂


Here is the story of how cat shit and a gnome changed my life.

Let me set the stage..December, 2006. Kingman’s two bedroom apartment.


It starts with my cat crapping and pissing all over the extra bedroom…the bedroom Kingman’s parents were to be staying in a few days (they came Christmas night). I spent Friday (the 22nd) moving all the furniture out of the living room and extra  bedroom (by myself and my herculean strength) so that they could come and clean the carpets. I cleaned and deodorized as much as I could. I worked my flipping ass off. So on Saturday morning M. The Kittie (the rebelling cat) decided that the clean carpet was akin to a freshly scrubbed toilet and crapped in the middle of the hallway. So she was rewarded with getting locked in the bathroom while I cleaned and made sure there wasn’t any more.

(Side note- M. The Kittie has feline diabetes and i swear had the cat equivalent  of IBS When she was stressed, she got rumbly in the tumbly)

After a while I had moved onto the next task to get ready for Christmas, Kingman comes into the kitchen and says “She did it again, she shit in the extra bedroom” I am just stunned b/c she is LOCKED IN THE BATHROOM. I couldn’t believe I missed it. As I walked to the extra bedroom, all I could think of was “fucking Houdini shitting cat”. 😉 (DISCLAIMER: I really do love her)

So I walk into the extra bedroom, and I ask Kingman- where did she do it? He said over by the dresser. He was in the other room as he said this b/c he is allergic to cat shit.  I look and I see Doug- my travel gnome on the dresser. I knew I didn’t put him there, so I started to smile b/c I thought Kingman was just trying to make me laugh at the cat crap situation- then I saw he was sitting on a ring box……and the wheels started churning…..then I saw my ring around Doug’s arm- the one that is waving. I had said “ohhh(as is how cute)…(then I saw the ring)….GASP!!!” I was so excited I grabbed it and looked at it. I didn’t think about it, and I went to put it on my finger- Kingman had come in there (since it wasn’t REALLY cat shit he could be present without his airway closing), and said “WAIT, THAT IS MY JOB!!” Hee hee. Then he got down on his knee and proposed 😉  Side note- he didn’t kneel in cat shit…although that would have MADE this story.

It isn’t your fancy dinner and such, but it was perfect. He did very well. We were meeting my best friend Miss Sweetness and her husband that day for lunch, and the night before (friday) he asked me if I was going to see her again before I flew back to Arizona on Tuesday night. (I worked out there at the time). I said no, and he remembered that. He knew I would want to show her my ring, and I never get to see her- her living out on the outer realms of civilization in Atlanta and all……….then I was all bent outta shape with the cat crap and such….Kingman saw a way to lighten the mood ..hee hee hee……..

Funny huh?

So that is why I have my gnome- Doug in the pictures with the ring. 😉

The ring is perfect- I love it.



8 responses to “How Cat Shit and A Gnome Changed My Life

  1. oh.. my..god.
    I love it. It is such a unique story and so personal.
    Congrats on your engagement anniversary 🙂

  2. That is an amazing story! I love it!!

  3. Great post! LMAO at M. the rebellious diabetic Houdini cat with IBS 🙂 This is way better than a fancy dinner proposal. Love it!

  4. Bahahahaha….I laughed out loud a few time on that one! Awwwwwe, it’s so stinking cute. No pun intended. 😀 What a great story to tell you kid one day soon. ❤

  5. Ewwwwwww! + Awwwwwwwww! Indeed!

    Thanks for sharing your touching story.

  6. hahahhahaha. Love the story!!!!

  7. I love it! It’s just too hilarious! 🙂

  8. great story! ours is similar, but no pet poop, just a bug in the kitchen. he’d planned to propose at the lighthouse by his parents place, but i spoiled those plans 🙂 eh, we never do anything normal either 🙂

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