For The Love of Football

Gotta love a good game. This weekend we went to Pittsburgh and went to the divsional game between the Ravens and the Steelers. My hubs is from Pitt, and I discovered early on that it was either learn and love football or hit the road. Luckily, I picked it up pretty easy, and I actually really do like it. It didn’t help that the only real team I felt partial to up to that point was the Chicago Cubs…and lets face it- they are not a winning team. So for my new team to win spectacularly at the first Super Bowl, the first season I watched- I WAS HOOKED!!!!!
I got a taste of winning and it felt good. πŸ™‚
Since then we have developed our network of Steeler friends. Sunday or Monday hellos at the bar have turned into awesome friendships that have stayed in place since our move 4 hours away. I went to my first game the fall of 2005 and it sucked. It was cold, wet, and we lost. TO THE BENGALS. Ugh. Of course that was the last game we lost on our way to Super Bowl XL…but the game still sucked.
We have not been to anoth3er game until this year, and THIS year we have done it up style.
We went to the Steelers vs Saints game in New Orleans (NOLA for New Orleans, LA). We went to that game the weekend I was due my period after IUI#1. I knew on the Wednesday before the game that I was going to start. I already had my breakdown, and i had accepted it. My husband hadn’t given up hope- but I KNEW. The cramps, etc. etc. I had to take an HPT before our first drink on Saturday- and drink I did.
The next morning when I started by period, I was fine with it. I already grieved. My husband had not- he was still freaked out that I drank and hadn’t started my period.
It was all okay….I even got to make my next cycle plans with my RN dead drunk at Harrah’s casino. LOL. Who can say THAT?

We were in Pittsburgh for the New Year and watched the last game with Kingman’s childhood friends. everything all Steelers. It was awesome, and that got us both wishing we could go to a game. We ‘just checked’ on the cost of tickets….we ‘took a look at airplane tickets’. I don’t’ know if it was the change in the zodiac chart or what, but our stars aligned. We got the cheapest airfare we have ever had, and found PERFECT seats at the stadium. It wasn’t CHEAP, but it was totally doable. It was a weekend vacation, but we figured after august there won’t be any of those like we normally do.

So we went back this past weekend. It was AWESOME! The weather was good- not perfect- but good. In the 40s- and so nice that I didn’t wear my jacket during the game.
I wore a shirt that said “Steelers Fan in Progress” with an arrow pointing down towards my hoo haa. I guess it is supposed to be pointing at my ute, but it looked funny. πŸ™‚
Like my vag was going to be a wide receiver or something. LOL. Would that play get an Illegal Touching call? LOL!

Side tracked much? Anyhoo- after the awesomeness that was the Steelers win this weekend- we did the “oh, wouldn’t it be cool to go to the AFC championship game?”
We looked at prices, and we decided it was too much to do two weekends in a row.
My husband was so sad. Sad like he had to get castrated sad. Seriously- I haven’t seen him THAT sad since our horrible news of the Azoo.
I thought to myself…”Self…how can we make him happy…that won’t cost a zillion dollars?”
A little light bulb went off in my head. “HELLO?!?!?! SELF-you have 125,000+ Skymiles! You haven’t redeemed your AMEX points in forever……you MIGHT could pay for the airfare and tickets with different Perk points.”

I looked up some stuff…and sure enough- I figured out a way to get it all for a $20 award ticket redemption fee on Then I just cashout my AMEX points and all it good.

I have never seen my sweet husband so giddy! I did draw the line and said NO- we are NOT going to the Super Bowl. Luckily Kingman agrees with me.

We are excited to be going, and know we are lucky to have this opportunity. We don’t have to pay for hotel or rent a car while we are there. Those are big expenses also, and it helps so much.

Pictures will be in my next secret post. πŸ™‚

Steeler fan or not- watch the game on Sunday night. It is going to be a great one- I am going to be on the Home side on the first row of the upper deck. You really can’t ever see us, but just so you know where we are. πŸ™‚ 533 row A. πŸ™‚

Peace out.


2 responses to “For The Love of Football

  1. Wow, that is exciting! So glad you could figure out how to make it happen!!!

  2. Hey! It’s ICLW and was just droppin’ by to let you know I just gave you a blogging award- go and check it out! πŸ™‚

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