Yesterday was our 4th ultrasound, but it was the first one where it actually LOOKED like a baby, and not some random weird growth of a blob.
It is the the first time I ‘felt’ pregnant. I have been FEELING pregnant with some of the symptoms- bloating, tiredness, etc….but seeing a blob on the screen is different than seeing a face, fingers, the individual vertebrea of the human being you are nurturing with your body.

We saw the doctor(Still working on her nickname), and she was able to get the heartbeat the with handheld doppler without a problem. She wasn’t going to get an ultrasound, and I think she really saw the disappointment on our faces. I said that I thought we were going to be getting the NT scan that visit, but that was okay- we understood. I said I was just paranoid b/c I didn’t feel pregnant and told her about buying the home Doppler. She said I couldn’t ‘out parannoy” her b/c when she was pregnant she would do self transvaginal ultrasounds (ON HERSELF) after everyone was gone b/c she was so paranoid. LOL. She she GOT IT. Then she started asking if I have ever had any issues with my cervix, etc. I have had to have some cauterization, but no LEEP or anything like that. The doc was concerned since I did have an IUI- even though it wasn’t needles through the cervix like with IVF, it was still “invasive”…so she wanted to check out the cervix. She said to wait a minute and she would check with the US tech too see about ‘taking a look’. 🙂

Turned out the US(ultrasound) tech (Ms. Patience) was in the office next door getting her eye exam b/c she had a while between patients. We TOTALLY didn’t mind waiting on her- so about 45 mintues later she came and got us. OMG- can I say I LOVE HER? Lets go ahead and get that out there now.

The last time I have had to have US was at my OB/GYN in AL and that was diagnostic for my endo. That tech was NOT NICE. During one episode of pain and DUB (dysfunctional uterine bleeding), she did an US on me and had me thinking I was pregnant. I was single and just “having fun”…so I was freaked the FUCK OUT until I saw the doctor. He couldn’t figure out why I was hysterical by the time I made it to him. Okay, maybe not hysterical, but I was already naming the baby by the time I got to him. Turned out my cervix and uterus were bleeding constantly and I had to be cauterized from the inside out. (OWWWIE BTW).  I  also have friends that went to the same doctor and pretty much all of them didn’t like her. She was not happy to see the babies, could care less, and hardly told you a thing. (with the exception of one friend who had one good experience during an ice storm…well as far as I know anyways)

Ms Patience  is awesome. She did the trans vaginal view first, and Oat wasn’t cooperating with a good position to measure stuff. She tried for around 5 minutes, but no such luck. The cool thing is that she let us video tape the US. Many practitioners will not let you- pretty much for liability reasons. She was totally open to it, and encouraging. Towards the end even making sure we got the heartbeat on video. Comical b/c we got the home hand held Doppler b/c I am neurotic and listen to the heartbeat everyday.

Anyhoo- she moved on the the belly ultrasound to try and get a better view…but no such luck on the NT scan part. I didn’t care really- it is not like finding out there was abnormality would change anything about our having this child, but I think knowledge is power. An ounce of preparedness is worth a pound of scrambling at the last minute (Like my twist on the old quote?)
So this super sweet Tech spent the next twelve minutes measuring a good bit and just showing us our sweet little baby. The video of the belly US was 12 minutes. WHO in the world gets around 17 minutes of ULTRASOUND?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Oh- and did I mention that Ms Patience is STEELERS FAN?!?!?!?!?! YAY!

The little kiddo was sitting straight up with it’s little bum sitting right on my cervix. Just chilling. From the profile it looked like he was sucking his thumb.

***DISCLAIMER**** We are not finding out what we are having. If I say Him/his/her/hers it is just b/c it is weird saying “it”. I automatically say him/his b/c it seems like baby boys are the only things being born these days, and I am used to saying his/him in referring to babies in the womb. LOL.

Anyhoo- when we got the frontal face view you could tell the hands were mostly up on either side of his/her head. I said that was b/c he was constantly ready to cover his ears after all the screaming he heard last Sunday at the Steeler v Jets Game. I did some serious screaming that game…as did 66,661 other people in that stadium. LOL. Either that or he is trying to give the universal sign for “TOUCHDOWN!!!!” LOL.

The whole experience was crazy. Just seeing how much Sweet Oat has grown in 4 quick weeks. The ‘crown to rump’ length is 6.09 centimeters (I think), which is just about the height of a dollar bill (the short side obviously).

That is really about all I have to update for now.

Look in my Sweet Oat tab for ultrasound pictures from yesterday.

6 responses to “Awwww.

  1. How fun!!! I need to offer congrats as well!! :o) I feel like I’m so out of the loop…I’m hardly ever on and when I do I hardly read anybody’s stuff…I think I need to get on more often now so I can read about your pregnancy!!!

  2. I am so glad the hubby got to go with you to the appointment! Sounds like little Oat is perfect!!!!

  3. So glad you had a great scan and a really nicer scanner who understands 😉

  4. That’s so great that you got an ultrasound AND had such an awesome experience. I was paranoid too….and I’m sure if I had the equipment at the ready would have been doing my own ultrasounds lol

    Glad all is well.

  5. I’m so glad you got to see little Oat! I’m always so sad when I have an OB visit and don’t get to see the little one! I wanna SEE that heartbeat, not just HEAR it! 🙂 I got the doppler at home for that.
    We’re just four weeks away and so far we’ve managed not to find out the gender. OMG the flak we’ve taken for it! Everyone else wants to know. 🙂 But I’m so glad we’ve waited! I can’t wait to find out myself!

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