Get the bad blogger flog out again. I must like it b/c I keep slacking on the blogging front. 😥   I have been sick basically since last weekend, and it just isn’t getting better. Sucks ass- especially since it is moving from  my head down to my chest now. Blah.

My best friend Miss Sweetness came and visited this past Sunday until today. It was so wonderful to see her and the Little Monkey. He is six months old today, and he is nothing but cute snuggles and sweet smiles. There is really something special your best friend’s baby. The sister God chose for you.  I know not everyone is as blessed as I am, and I will never take our friendship for granted. God brought her into my life during a time with a lot of turmoil, and she has always been my lighthouse. Even now- hundreds and hundreds of miles away she helps ground me.

Enough mush now! We shopped and shopped some more! I personally HAAAATE shopping, but she LOOOOOOVES shopping. So when we get together we balance each other out. 🙂 One reason i hate to shop is b/c I am so freaking indecisive. Another reason I LOVE shopping with my BFF is b/c she knows what I like even when I don’t. So we found a wonderful sleigh bed for my bedroom, and has me convinced that I do want a king sized bed. 🙂

We also went baby shopping and I actually bought some stuff for the baby! Some gender neutral clothes, and ONE pink thing…and ONE blue thing. 🙂  I also found a crib/mattress/dresser/hutch combo that I LOOOOVE.  I now know more of what I want, and that really takes a load off.

The downside of her visit?  I MISS HER SO MUCH! I would love to move there. It also made me realize exactly HOW lonely I get here. I have a few close friends, and a lot of “acquaintances”, but few close friends.

Sigh. I just got distracted by Facebook darnit. LOL

I need to go and clean the house. The maids are coming tomorrow… LOL!


3 responses to “Besties

  1. There is something special abut BFF’s babies. My dearest had a 6 mth old when we found out about all this infertility crap, and her baby never made me sad. She just had another girl on Monday. I could always hold her babies and not feel that empty pit in my stomach.l
    Glad you had a great time.

  2. Yay, baby shopping! Err…baby STUFF shopping, haha. Glad you had a fun time with your best friend! I miss having friends around to shop with or just hang out with :(.

  3. I know exactly what you mean! Every time my BFF and I leave each other it is tough. I get pretty lonely. But thank goodness we have them in our lives right? 🙂

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