Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

I have ripped this from Michele’s Blog. This is a copy and paste of her post b/c she said it so wonderfully.


A NICU nurse alerted me to this and to say that I am pissed off is putting it lightly.  A pharmaceutical company, K-V Pharmaceuticals, has been approved to market P17 (as a drug called Makena), making its cost go from about $20/dose to $1500/dose.  For many women who dont have insurance or for those with percentage based co-pays, this is going to make the drug practically unattainable. (Click here for another article).

WTF!!! Obviously, K-V could care less that, if women dont get this, many could deliver even more preterm babies, that will cost insurance companies MILLIONS in NICU care (or cost their parents the enormous, never ending grief of their deaths due to prematurity or complications from it).  I am angry.  Beyond ticked off.  I was grateful for those ‘butt shots’ and believe that, as part of my care, they helped get Bobby and Maya here a little later rather than sooner, and gave them a fighting chance.  Did it do it by itself?  I dont know, but since my PTL is hormonal as well as cervical, it didn’t hurt and may have been the deciding factor that got me to 27w5d instead of 17w or 20w or 23w.

This is UNACCEPTABLE.  And let’s tell them so.  Tweet it, Facebook it, Blog it.  Let YOUR community know that this type of bullshit is not going to fly in the face of so many of us delivering preterm babies.  And, while you’re at it, let K-V know that their moneymaking scheme, at the expense of babies and their parents, is not just wrong, but crosses a line that we are willing to fight them on.

Write them here:
Investor Relations Department
KV Pharmaceutical Company
One Corporate Woods Drive
Bridgeton, MO 63044
Phone: 314-645-6600
Fax: 314-646-3751
E-mail: AND

Ther-Rx Corporation 
Corporate Headquarters 
One Corporate Woods Drive 
Bridgeton, MO 63044 Phone: (314) 646-3700 or (877) 567-7676 
Fax: (314) 646-3701


3 responses to “Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

  1. THANK YOU so much for posting this!!!! Let’s get the word out!!!

  2. That is ridiculous! Luckily, the compounded progesterone prices have stayed the same – since you can’t trademark a natural substance the nat’l progesterone cream I use stays cheap. I think more doctors might have to make the move to the compounded progesterone just to shove it to the drug companies!

  3. It’s ridiculous what pharmaceutical companies can get a way with….all just for a few bucks. So wrong.

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