Seems like everyone I meet has a prediction as to the sex of this toddler I am gestating. (I really think I will give birth to a toddler at the rate I am growing)

I thought that I should start keeping track of the predictions- and WHY exactly they think this way b/c sometimes it is really comical!

Here we go ( and i have forgotten some)

Tell me your predictions and I will add them!!!! Just leave a comment> I know I have had a lot more, but I can’t remember right now. ALSO- don’t forget to click appropriately on the poll to the left!!! Get on a team!

Team Blue

  1. My sister- Boys are active. This kiddo was first felt around 16weeks. now at 20 weeks I am feeling REAL kicks.
  2. Eye Brow Waxer- She said it is b/c I was carrying low and my hips were getting wider. (GEE THANKS FOR NOTICING)
  3. Cleaning Lady-  Boy b/c I am carrying HIGH (?) and I didn’t have morning sickness.
  4. Husband’s nurse- Boy, since there are two girls and one boy being born from people at the office.
  5. My MIL- ‘intuition’
  6. My 10yr old Nephew- “Because boys are more fun”
  7. HanwayInk– Boy vibes.
  8. SomewhatOrdinary(private blog, no link)- Boy…so many boys and so few girls being born.
  9. Sarah (blogger)- Boy….”Just a Hunch”
  10. Alison 1 L– 58% sure…..we shall see!!!!

Team Pink

  1. Kingman- b/c everyone else is having boys, and the baby was trying to hide it’s face during the ultrasound on 3/24/10
  2. My Niece – No reason
  3. My Mom- no reason
  4. Terrell AKA ‘Doc’ at the Nissan dealership- b/c when he told me to put out my hands straight in front of me, I did with my palms facing out. (?!?)
  5. LowFatLady– “Cute Bump. ” 🙂 I am counting that as a reason!
  6. IRL Friend Sarah- “The face just look girlish to me” (BOY- she will eat those words if it comes out a boy!!!! LOL)

We had our ultrasound today, and our tech lets us video tape it….but my fecking camera malfunctioned. Ugh. I only have about 8 seconds two or three times. I am beyond mad. BEYOND MAD! She did burn us a CD of the stills and gave us some print outs. I am going to put them in under the Oat tab above if you want to see them.

***I want to keep those separate b/c I remember being surprised in a post with US pictures and there are days I just didn’t want to see it. Reading was one thing- seeing those grainy photos was another. ***


7 responses to “Predictions

  1. Funny! I guess boy, too, but I can’t put my finger on why! Just have a hunch, maybe?

  2. I’m guessing boy. I just know so few people having girls that it just feels like this baby will be a boy, too. If I remember correctly your cycle was similar to mine (ie when you had the IUI) and I have a boy.

  3. I think boy too, and I’m not really sure why. I feel like 58% confident it’s a boy. (Don’t get too excited, I was like 85% confident that B was a she… 😉

    Also: boys are the best. (Obviously am majorly biased.)

  4. I don’t have a strong feeling for you for boy or girl…. hmmm…

    Glad everything is going well! Sorry your video of the u/s didn’t work 😦

  5. Im gonna go with team….pink. A hunch–and your blog background is Pink, so why not 🙂

  6. I love the belly shots, you’re just adorable!
    I’m going with team pink, ’cause with such a manly name as Kingman, your hubby is destined to end up wrapped around the little finger of a little girl! 😀

  7. I didn’t get to guess… I am going to say Girl. Because there are so many boys being born (and I didn’t get my girl) so I think it’s TEAM PINK. If it is I’ll buy you someone totally Frilly!!!!!! 🙂 If not, I have bags of clothes for you.

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