Must haves..

I am asking on twitter for Mommy Bloggers to post a must have/didn’t need/didn’t use as an informational resource for all us newbies.

I am posting from My phone so I can’t put a Mr linky in.

Currently hooked up to TOCO at my high risk follow up. Fxd for good news!!!

OKAY- Enter yourself into the Mr. Linky below…don’t be shy. It isn’t have to be a LONG post…just a few things. Don’t worry about it maybe being a baby preference…us FTM (first time moms) need all the trouble shooting we can get. I am sure I will be the idiot that doesn’t realize that my baby just doesn’t like a certain something.

I love hearing other people’s stories!!

SO, even though it isn’t THURSDAY, I made this TELL ME THURSDAY b/c…well, I didn’t want to have to pay to make my own meme. LOL. I am nothing if not cheap. LOL


3 responses to “Must haves..

  1. My fingers are crossed for you Bumpy! xx

  2. Must Have: Swing (try to get one that can plug in as well as use batteries)
    Didn’t Use: Wipes Warmer/Swaddles (this is totally baby-driven, though; it’s just that my kid doesn’t mind cold wipes and hates to be swaddled

  3. Crazytwinmomma

    Musts: 1. sleep sacks (those cute little gowns with the elastic at the bottom). There is no reason to fumble with snaps or zippers for diaper changes at 2 AM!
    2. Some sort of carrier or sling. We had a bjorn. Wonderful for those times when baby is cranky but you need to get stuff done. I wore my kids to do laundry, fix dinner, vacuum, etc.
    3. Feeding pillow (boppy, etc). An absolute must if you plan to breastfeed but also useful to put baby in when having playtime, for supporting as they learn to sit, etc.
    4. Pack n Play. Bells and whistles optional but we have used ours more than anything else.

    I would try to borrow or try a friend’s swing, bouncy seat etc because some babies love them and some hate them. Swaddlers are not necessary if you learn how to swaddle with a blanket. I never liked them because the Velcro limited how tight I could swaddle. Wipe warmers are a waste. I’m drawing a blank to other things right now, but if you have questions about specifics, feel free to ask!

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