Please Help To Heal.

We are all touched by the tornadoes in across the south…but living 300+ miles away is hard. Even harder b/c I can’t get in the car and go help. My family is there. My friends.

Every day I hear of more people dead, more destruction. The news is showing the scenes from Tuscaloosa, but they aren’t showing as much the more rural towns I called home. I am NOT saying the smaller towns were hit harder, or that it is any more tragic there- but people go and help where they KNOW help is needed. One whole county was initially left OFF of the FEMA list and didn’t get outside help at first.

The rescue and recover effort was neighbors, EMS, etc going out and looking themselves. There are still areas with trees down- there is only so much that can be done in these places with limited resources.

There is looting after dark. People are staying in tents at night just to protect their last few possessions. They literally have NOTHING

Being on bedrest the last week has left me feeling utterly helpless. I wanted to send stuff, but couldn’t go to the store and buy it or mail it.

Then I got online to check out my daily deals at and a light bulb went off. HELLO? I have the Prime account that gives me free 2day shipping on purchases (not Market place, so you have to make sure you check to make sure you search for items that are Prime Eligible)

I ordered up some diapers, sunscreen, bug spray, tarps, work gloves, sunglasses, crayons and paper for the kids, baby food, plastic bins/totes, suitcases, small luggage bags, female sanitary items, hats, and such.

“clothing, new undies, socks, etc, Gatorade, first aid kits, rubbermaid containers, non perishable foods, can openers, garbage bags, bug spray, sunscreen, hygiene products, diapers, gift cards to fast food places, wal-mart, gas stations,  etc etc” (from a friend)

I confirmed with my friends where to send it, and contacted a local church they are connected with.

I also have information to the Red Cross of a county that could use some extra help.

We have to remember this is NOT something that will get fixed in the next week. This will take months and months. Some people will never be the same. I think A LOT of mental health healing begins immediately after a natural disaster if you can help the people feel taken care of secure as soon as you can.

That can of bug spray you send to keep the bites away at night when they are staying up in shifts to protect their stuff from looters may keep them from feeling too overwhelmed.

The diaper that gives their child comfort and a dry clean bum helps the parents realize they can STILL help their precious child even if there isn’t a roof over their heads.

The sunscreen can help prevent injury when working under the harsh sun,and prevent immediate health problems- or skin cancer later down the road.

I am challenging you ALL to look up on Amazon or or where ever and send a pack of diapers. A tarp to cover items. A can of bug spray. Anything.

I particularly like b/c there isn’t a minimum of what you have to buy- and if you are already a Amazon Mom or Amazon Prime member you get FREE two day shipping.

This makes it super easy to buy whatever is in your budget. Nothing is too small. You never know how your one little can of bug spray can comfort a hurting and heartbroken person.

So, the two places I am donating to are:

Gadsden Christian Fellowship

719 Nunnally Ave Gadsden, AL. 35903

Five Points Baptist Church
3718 36th Street
Northport, AL 35473-2908
This info I got through Toomers for Tuscaloosa- a designated shipping point.
There is also Toomers For Tuscaloosa who are doing AWESOME things across the country. They have drop off points coordinated in Phoenix, AZ for goodness sake. Check out their website and look and see what is around you.
Hope this isn’t confusing anyone..but I am trying to get the post up for people to link. 🙂
I pray I don’t totally ‘OUT’ myself…but I couldn’t imagine a better reason to “out” my online anonymity than in this situation.
Thank you to My Reality, Suze, Andrea, Two Moms and a Baby, Meggin J from NY,  Farahbeth, The Happy Hours, Jackie (Cranky Ovary),  and hopefully MANY MORE.
Please be assured these mail points I have listed are LEGIT!
If you have ANY question please don’t hesitate to email me at bumpyjourney at gmail dot com
I can’t believe so many “strangers”  I have been blessed to meet on TWITTER of all places are reaching out to people I know.
THANK YOU just isn’t sufficient.

4 responses to “Please Help To Heal.

  1. I have Amazon Prime and will be ordering some stuff!

  2. Thanks for the donation information-I am always afraid of scammers (don’t get me started on them-people who take advantage of other people’s hard times and pain).

    I am glad you are feeling better, btw!! I love the pics of your little oat! 🙂

  3. I’m going to order something for them now. Thanks for sharing!

  4. sweetpeandme

    I too have been wondering what I can do to help…this was perfect!!! :o)

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