Labor dreams.

I am in awe over all my friends from Twitter that have accepted my challenge and have sent items to help tornado victims. If you haven’t seen my last post, please check it out. If you are able to spare five bucks, send the church some work gloves. Pick up some coloring books at the dollar store and send them media mail rate. In these circumstances, nothing is too small.

I have talked about my “Fake” friends before and some people may not know where it comes from.  That phrase comes from an IRL friend that said “Fake” friends were”those people that you pretend are you friends that you meet on the internet. They aren’t real friends”

I am sorry that she hasn’t met you guys. During the rough times you all have been here with me….during the good times you have cheered me on. I may not post for a month, but you still are there. Thank  you.

You guys keep me sane… Guess you can’t KEEP me sane if I am already a little crazy. LOL.

SO…HOW are the Bumps going on my Journey so far? It has been two weeks since my cerclage and it has definitely been filled with bumps/lumps and hurdles.

I am slowly healing, but I think where I am now is pretty much how it will be for a while. I move around too much and start having contractions. Painful contractions. I am supposed to be having braxton hicks at this point in my pregnancy (26w4d), and I can tell the difference b/t them and “real” contractions. I notice I start with painless contractions (a tightening feeling of sorts), then my cervix HURTS and I swear I feel the baby get low. This would be b/c my ute is irritable (aka CRANKY UTE) and it makes my cervix open up like a large  mouth bass to the point of my cerclage.

THEN I have pain, and then the ‘real’ contractions start. PAINFUL, and my ute feels like granite. It isn’t fun.

The mornings are the worse by far. Combination of sleeping for several hours and not keeping my bladder empty, and positioning, etc. It takes til around noon to feel okay to move around and do stuff. Then by 1 or 2 I am exhausted b/c I didnt’ sleep well   have to take a nap. I am blessed I am able to be at home. Although, I made the statement on Twitter the other day that SAHM and Housewives deserve to file for temporary disability in situations like this.

I have a hard time doing laundry. The bending into the washer presses my belly on the washer. Bending over to pick up clothes, or get them out of the dryer puts pressure on my belly….pressure on my belly results in my cervix opening up like a frigging LARGE MOUTH BASS….and we all know where this goes. Same goes for loading the dishwasher, making the bed, basically anything. Sigh.

So the whole nighttime crappy sleep thing? I have issues with insomnia ANYWAYS, but it is about to get a lot worse. I had a very vivid dream that I was in labor. I was getting coached to push…My best friend was counting and my husband had his hand on my arm for comfort and encouragement. Nothing was happening no matter how hard I pushed…..and it

Then I kinda woke up.

So apparently I am trying to PUSH my 26 week baby out in MY FREAKING SLEEP.

Needless to say I now have issues falling asleep.



3 responses to “Labor dreams.

  1. I worry about you :(. Take it easy– laundry and dishes and all of that can wait! So sorry you’re in pain but praying for your safety and the safety of little one. xoxo

  2. Oh sweetie, this must be really tough. Who is around to lend you support? You should NOT be doing the laundry and other housework. You should be taking things quietly and trying to relax. Can you ask someone to help you with these things? You have a genuine reason to ask for help, please do!

    I dreamt about you last night (mostly about the circlage), there was a good outcome in my dream so that counters your one! You will not give birth in your sleep, and I will keep my fingers crossed you won’t go into labour any time soon. Are you doing any relaxation therapy (meditation, CDs etc)? I think it’s very worthwhile. GOOD LUCK!

  3. Ugh, I’m so sorry. 😦 I’d be terrified to sleep, too! Try to let the cleaning and laundry slide. I know it sucks, but baking that baby is your most important job now!

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