Whats new in the hoochie coo?

I went last week to my OB and had my little OB checkup. For the most part these are and will be uneventful, unless I have issues. They want to see me every two weeks until I deliver, which is no big deal to me- but for my poor husband it is tough. He has been to every appointment so far. He wanted to be able to say he went to EVERY ONE during my pregnancy- but I think that is going to have to give. I am also going to the MFM (maternal Fetal Medicine/ High Risk Doctor) every two weeks), so that is one doctors appointment every week.

This may not sound like much, but my husband has people make appointments with him MONTHS in advance- so it is not very convient for his customers to get moved around. Granted- he has awesome staff that work them in here and there…but a lot of people get grumpy. They DON’T CARE that his wife is having a complicated pregnancy- what is that to them?

Oh well…soapbox.

The OB appt. was good last week. Got results of 1 hours glucose screening- and it was 113. They want under 135, so I did great. My hemoglobin was 11.3, so I have been started on Slow Fe iron supplements. Oh the joys. I have even MORE issues crapping- and have I explained that I am not supposed strain…at all? I am supposed to just let my bidniz just SLLLLLIIIIIDDDE OUT?

Yeah whatever. I don’t think that has happened to me since I was in infant…..or had a GI bug or major IBS flair up. I am constantly worried about the state of my bowels. Kinda like a 85 year old man. It is insane.  I predict it now- after I get my stitch out, I will break my water with the first post cerclage removal poo.

There. I said it. LOL

Other than that, my OBs office is pretty much telling me get up to shower, eat, come to appointments only. Phsaw.  Okay, before hackles get raised- I am NOT defying orders. They also stated that I should also heed what what my MFM doctor said ( Dr. %$@*!….b/c he like to curse. LOL).  Dr. %$@*! says, no lifting/straining (from anything)/running, dehydration or full bladder. Then just listen to my body. So- these are obviously the different ends of the spectrum here.  I am kinda goign down the middle.

I am not doing much around the house (HA HA HA), except laundry (oh…HA HA HA HA), dishwasher stuff, basic picking up of stuff like a remote or blanket. I make myself meals, and go out to eat my with my husband. That is really about it. I probably stand too much, but I am working on that.  Most of the time I am sitting on my happy ass tweeting, working on a photobook for my mom, watching DVR’d episoded of Dr. Who..(WHO? It’s The Doctor….), and generally buying shit I probably don’t need, but THIS site and THIS site make me think I do.

I digress.

The the apt. with Dr. $%*&! today was good. I got back quickly (um, within 30 minutes, so that is good in my eyes) and we got an awesome ultrasound. It was a different tech, so she didn’t spend as much time on the ‘cute’ stuff…but oh well. I mean, we have already had more ultrasounds that most people do in ALL off their pregnancies combined- so I shouldn’t complain.

The cervix measured at 2.5cm- 1 cm less that last week, but the good news is that there was minimal funneling with pressure (heavy), and none when the baby moved. This makes me feel better! We got some cute pictures of the face, and saw the baby clear as day- full face. Think that as the first time ever- it is so shy! The baby was opening its mouth WIIIIIDE and then sticking out its tongue. So freaking cute….LOL. ALthough I do believe if I were to walk around doing that people would look at me like I am a lunatic. LOL

Oat’s heart looks awesome, and the blood flow everywhere is perfect. I had no contractions on the monitor.

While was waiting in the room for the doctor, my OB nurse called to tell me that my Nexium rx was turn down by the insurance company. They are refusing to cover it b/c they feel like I didn’t give the OTC (over the counter) medicines long enough to see if they helped. I am furious. To the point I honestly hope they all develop ulcers. Fuckers. It doesn’t matter that I didn’t sleep for two nights in a row and couldn’t even recline the littlest bit b/c I am was is SO MUCH PAIN even after taking pepcid, prilosec and 12 tums in a 24 hour period- four days in a row. It doesn’t matter that I have a history of ulcers. That I had heartburn BEFORE I started this stomach lining erroding medicine called indocin. That I HAVE to take to stop my contractions….so I don’t have a micro preemie baby.

They feel I didn’t SUFFER in pain and agony long enough.

They feel I didn’t stress my baby out too much.

They feel I didn’t put my babies life at risk long enough.

Karma is a bitch people. Whoever denied me- I rest well knowing they will get theirs one day. The universe has a way of dealing with these people- I know I will never know, and I have no clue what jackass sitting behind a desk decided my life isn’t full of enough pain and suffering…but it will come around again.

Sorry, stepping off THAT soapbox also.

SO, I am backing down off on my twice a day indocin b/c the doc doesn’t want me in pain from the heartburn/reflux/etc. He has seen people develop ulcers from this and doesn’t want me to. Lets pray my contractions stay aways.
I am also going to be on pepcid, zegrid and tums. Pretty sure it won’t work since I Have done it before…but oh well.

Also- he said we can go 3 weeks before our next appointment unless I start having any issues!  WOOOO HOOOOOOO!

That is nice and reassuring, but geez. Three weeks with out an ultrasound?I am going to be nervous.

Other than that life is good. Pretty boring otherwise. We got out fancy ass bed and put it in the ‘new’ master bedroom we are moving to. It on the same side of the house as the nursery. This way our guests won’t be right next to the baby, and us on the other side of the house. LOL. The bed is awesome. So comfy..nowI just need a king sized comforter.

We also finally decided on a car! We are getting an Acura MDX, and hopefully it will be ready this week. 🙂 The furniture should be here this week also, and that is super exciting. We got a Storytime series glider/recliner. I am too exicted about that thing! LOL.  It is slowly coming together….as most things do in my life.


So slowly in fact two of my IRL friends came over and helped me clear out the closets in my ‘new’ master bedroom. LOL. Awesomeness…I wonder if they do laundry……


5 responses to “Whats new in the hoochie coo?

  1. Yay! Good news about the lack of cervical funneling 🙂
    We don’t have Nexium in NZ (I have used it before in Australia) and I don’t think there is a lot of evidence that it is any better than plain omeprazole. What dose of the “zegerid” are you taking? (I see this is omeprazole with Sodium Bicarbonate). I use either omeprazole or pantoprazole for my patients. There is quite a substantial dose range and maybe you need to increase? Can you get pantoprazole OTC? It may be worthwhile trying a different type of PPI. There is probably no benefit in taking the Famotidine at the same time as the omeprazole supercedes it, but Tums seem harmless. Indomethacin is pretty rough on the stomach 😦
    Good luck with the bowels too!!

  2. I can’t believe they didn’t approve your meds! Gah, insurance companies SUCK ARSE.

    Glad your doc is comfortable enough moving appts to every three weeks – that’s a good sign! although i know, it’s nice being able to see LO so often, but not having to sit and wait for appts is also nice.

    Take care of yourself & Sweet Oat & enjoy the new ride & room (when they’re ready)!

  3. So glad Oat is looking good!

  4. I LOVE this update. You always make me laugh girlfriend.

    So glad all is well in the hoochie coo!


  5. Wow you have a lot going on. So glad that your ultrasounds are showing good things and that your funneling isn’t progressing much. Keep taking it easy and doing a great job. I really hope some way your heartburn/reflux med gets approved.

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