What two words can make an infertile go stock still? What little item makes us

stare three or four seconds at it before we touch it?  What event turns us into 5 year olds to nervous to even decide what to wear…who will we sit next

to….scared of people talking to us?

If you guessed a baby shower you are so on fire tonight.

The last few years baby showers have been so hard. I know they are coming…but your breath gets robbed. I love all my friends dearly, and am SO happy for them. It isn;’t the PERSON….it the idea of it. The Fear, the feeling of futility that makes us loathe the shower.

I planned two of my best friend’s showers last year…actually around exactly a year ago to be precise. What a difference a year makes.  Friday, May 13 of last year we got this devastating news. The next weekend I help host the two showers. I guess I didnt’ blog about it b/c I can’t find it. I had one shower on Saturday and one on Sunday. It was so hard, but they were for my Best Friend and another super close friend. Both are first babies. I was so excited for them, but it was very hard for us.

So here we were 54 weeks later…

Having a shower for our baby. It was very very hard to believe

The drive up kinda sucked…but as usual I entertained myself with phone…twitter, FB, words with friends,Fail blog, Damn You Auto correct…what else does a girl need for a four and a half hour trip? 🙂 We stayed with the Campers and had fun playing with their sweet little boy. He is almost 1 year old and I just can’t believe it.

Saturday was the shower…and we were surprised by my mother in law. She lives far away, so wasn’t expected at all! THAT was super sweet of her.

My best friend did a great job getting the shower together. She lives two hours from the city it was held in, but got on emails and such with a few of my other friends to figure everything out.  We had it a little deli/sweet treat shop.  They closed it for us and made food and punch for us. SUPER yummy fruit skweres, chicken salad sandwhiches and veggie pizza. My BFF got a cute cake from a bakery in a town we used to live in together. This bakery makes the YUMMIEST CAKES! Exactly what I have been craving. White on white…gritty real lard icing. mmmmmm…….

The theme was bedtime stories. OMG- she did it up so cute. A sheet and pillow on the food table to make it look like a bed. The cake was supposed to be books- I will try and remember to put a picture up. Each of the tables had a book on it, and a little toy. What was super cute is taht I got to keepall the books that were on the tables…but not the toys. All my friends stole them from their kids and had to return them. LOL. Only good friends could bring toys to a baby shower and tell you that you can’t have them. 🙂 Everyone was asked to include a favorite book to get our library started. I am THRILLED at that idea b/c I am a huge bookworm. Reading books is so important to me! Kingman reads to the baby most nights…and we were needing some new ones.

Kingman reading a book to the baby has been probably the best bonding experience for him. He will grab a few books and give the baby a selection. Whichever one the baby kicks/moves after is the one that he reads that night. 🙂 Very cute.

I like that they were able to not spend too much on decorations that wouldn’t be used again.  I like that we just showed up and didn’t have to fuss with cleaning a persons house and all that. They liked that too!!!

Not as many people showed up as I had hoped- there were a lot of people I haven’t seen much since I moved 4 years ago..but I guess that is how it is.  I don’t really care about the presents….just presence. 🙂 I miss my friends.

My husband stayed for it mostly, and he was the first one to tear up. My BFF made him open a present that was a home made Steelers bib and burp cloth. SO SWEET. Another present included a Steelers 101 book. Too cute. He is so excited to watch football and teach it to our kid. Boy or girl!

That night we hung out with in laws, and the next day went to my moms. Just spending time and such. We headed back and by the time I got home I was tiiiiiiirreed. I don’t think I did  a thin all day on Monday. Well, besides NOT having a MFM appointment. I will blog that in a little while. 🙂

Long story short. I had a baby shower. FOR ME. For a baby created in my womb…coming out of my body.



Bedtime story shower theme.

Baby shower the books!Bedtime story shower theme.

3 responses to “Chills

  1. That’s such a great post. In the UK we don’t really have baby showers but I can imagine it being v daunting with your past experiences. So I am glad that you have been able to get to and celebrate this milestone with your friends/family. And please send me some of that cake!! 🙂 xx

  2. wow, wow, wow….such a great post for such a great day!!!!! YEA!!!!!

  3. Yay for your own baby shower!! I still to this day hate baby showers even though I have a baby and one on the way! There’s just something about them but having your own is super special! 🙂

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