Making up for lost time.

I suffer from migraines……bad. I have learned what works for me. Unfortunately most of which..well hell- ALL OF WHICH I can’t do while trying to carry a baby in my womb. No Ibuprofen. No Maxalt. No Topamax. No scalding hot baths with ice pack at the base of my neck. Nada.

Luckily I have been lucky and not really had but one or two migraine since I have been preggers.

Lately though….oofda.

So Thursday I picked up my procardia and took one around noon or so. By two I had the worst headache I have had in a while (no, hubs, not the worst of my life). I tried to sleep, used ice packs, tried to visualize myself headache free, drank  crazy amounts of water, gave up on sleep b/c I was peeing everyone 15 minutes….tweeting and whined. Took my blood pressure and it was elevated 170s over high 90s. I took a and extra normal b/p med. and went back and laid down. a few hours later took bp again. 168/100. At the worst I would say it was like 7/10…pretty bad for me b/c I have had a tonsillectomy and nasal/sinus surgery to reset my 0-10 scale.

Head was getting a wee bit better if I didnt’ move. I had no photophobia like my normal migraine, but movement. OMG. Every 15 mintues I thought I would die. it hurt so bad. Finally it eased up a little and the DH came home…bp was still 150s/90s. We decided to go to my oldplace of work and see what it was with a larger cuff and taken with a manual v an electronic. They got 150/100. ugh.

Called my OB/on call nurse. told to take my night time BP med dose early, lay down and take it again in 30 mintues after medicine and go to L&D if over 140 systolic(top number) or 90 diastolic (bottom number).

So I did. It was 144/92. So off to L&D we went. by this time my headache was around a 4/10

Kicker? In L&D my bp was a little high the first few readings (140s/high 80s)….the blam. 120s/70s…and then even a 108/68 ugh. I didn’t have any contractions….but I did learn that the beds in L/D Triage beds suck ass. My nurse was awesome and I really liked her. She ended up being ShitBrickHouse’s nurse when she delivered last night (AAAHHH! up at 220am. He is a cutie) I was able to tell her to take extra pillows. LOL.

Anyways. I was discharged and told to drink lots of fluids and come back if bp was 160/90. turns out the dr. on on call for my OB was Dr. %$@*!- high risk doctor. Remember how I said he gives bp[ a little more leeway since I have chronic hypertension? My head ache was pretty much all gone by then..and my discharge b/c was loooow. I felt like an idiot.

So, whatever, I played it safe and did what I was told. i will tell you this my head has been hurting off and on since then. Contractions not fun. BP pretty much okay. I think my body is just getting tired. 😦 the SOB is kicking in again also.

Fun huh? I really don’t want to complain b/c I am so friggin’ blessed to be here. I will say, I would take three 1st trimesters for the last two I have had. Ugh.

Peace out y’all!



3 responses to “Making up for lost time.

  1. Oh, I cannot imagine how frustrating it is to not be able to take anything good to get rid of the migraine! I get them about 5 or 6 times a year and I run to my drugs like my head might explode if I don’t get them in my system RIGHT AWAY! I feel for you.

  2. Sorry its been so rough. I hope you can keep your bp under control until that little one is good and cooked. Hang in there girl. Yes, you are blessed, but pregnancy is no walk in the park. You need to be honest and be able to vent! HUGS!

  3. Don’t feel bad about writing in your blog about just how you feel! Just because you’re happy to become a mom doesn’t mean you have to love being pregnant! Pregnancy was rough for me, but motherhood is awesome! And you’re already showing what a great mom you are by getting yourself to L&D when you needed to go!
    I had migraines, too, but the doc gave me Darvocet to get through it, and it helped. They’ve taken it off the market now, though.

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