We have hair!

On this past tuesday (June 7th) we had our third MFM followup with Dr. %$@*!. We had a bit of snafu b/c the appointment was scheduled for Monday the 6th, but when they called on Monday at 1030 (appt. was at 1230) to remind of my appt THE NEXT DAY…I freaked. I was a little worried b/c I was having a lot of pressure “down there” and contractions. I was so thankful that we had an appointment that day.

So when she said my appt. wasn’t that day..I was miffed. I knew for various reasons that my original appt was on Monday. We had a conversation about Kingman’s work (mondays are better than tuesday b/c of scheduling), and how it would be good on Monday b/c we would have a busy weekend going to the shower and back in three days, and also a few days after I looked at the appt card and verified the info with my Google Calender to make sure it jived.

Obviously, the receptionist clicked on the wrong day. No  biggie right?

HA HA. I freaked b/c my husband doesn’t have a job that you can just “call in” with. He has people that what a significant amount of time to see him. People ge MAD and really could care less if he has an emergency.

Anyhoo- thanks to my friend and his scheduler person….they all were notified and only one tried to raise some hell. She just said “His wife is pregnant and needs him tomorrow, you can come in today or earlier in the day if you are able to”.

Whatever. I don’t care.
ANYHOO. I had a heavy heart that day also b/c two very close friends of mine got devastating news. Lis and Audrey both suffered losses that are so unfair…and could use a hug so go over and give them a virtual hug.  The story is theirs to tell, so I won’t tell it on here.

The week before at the OB office the girl in the room next to me was getting an ultrasound, and got the diapnosis of fetal demise. The screaming sobs will haunt me forever. I saw this girl in the waiting room, and we did the smile and nod while passing each other for the vital  sign room and bathroom for urine specimen. we got placed in our rooms at the same time.  The walls are paper thin, so it was hard to not know what was going on. I just cried for her, and I am still saying prayers for her. She was very pregnant. I would think early 30 weeks or so. She was slimmer than me, but her belly was big.

Her cries echoed in my ears when I found out about Lis and Audrey. It isn’t fair.

SO- needless to say I was nervous about my appointment b/c it seemed like a bad juju day amongst all my friends.

Anyhoo- they got our US done first. I have been on the Indocin since the cerclage, and three weeks ago we reduced it once a day (previously on twice a day). The US tech didn’t say anything during the US (ugh), but I could hear there was some regurgitation of the heart valve on the ultrasound. I could also see the regurg when she turned on the colors for the flow studies. I know JUUUUUST enough to make me dangerous. 🙂

Sweet Oat kept his/her hands up to the face…and turned its face away from the US frequently. It is actually very cute. We got a few cute pictures-pursed lips that look like baby kisses, pictures showing the baby has HAIR, and of course the arms. 🙂 We don’t  get to many leg pictures b/c we don’t want to know the sex.

The rest of it looked good. I will put some pictures in the Sweet Oat tab. 🙂

Blood pressure was smidge up, the MFM doc doesn’t worry as much as my OB on this either.  So his take was that the Tricuspid regurgitation is reversible with stopping the Indocin. There is no other cardiac involvement at all, so all is well. The Tricuspid Regurg will correct itself, and this is a common side effect.  The cord flow, the placenta, the amnio fluid levels, the PDA all look stellar. That is good. There is still the issue of the contractions- so he switched my medicine to procardia which is a calcium channel blocker. My instructions were to see how I did off of the indocin, and start procardia if needed.

I was to give the indocine time to get out of my system- he explained that the body and rebound of sorts as the prostraglandin inhibition wears off. An inital increase in contrations, then leveling down/plateu out. So Wednesday was rough. Really rough. No lie. I will post more about that later.

My cervix has shortened a little bit more to 2cm, but there was no funneling with pressure. The baby is still head down, and loves to press it on the old cervix. The stitch is in place and smack in the middle, so 1 cm of cervix on either side of the cerclage. Phew.

Doc thinks that maybe I have some scar tissue rebuilding my cervix due to the fact I am not funneling anymore…but there is not way to tell. This could mean that I won’t go into labor right away after the cerclage removal. This type of scar tissue doesn’t mean my cervix is forever closed…but more just stable. Good strong contractions will pull this scar tissue away.

The cerclage removal is still set for July 15th, and I will be 36w5d. Fine with me. 🙂  the rest of the appointment went well.


Side note- people that are on wordpress….what is up with all these recommended links? Why would I do that? What are the promoted ones? I am confused…does that link my blog to articles? Is there a benefit on doing this or do you just get more spam?



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  1. So glad the u/s went well and everything looks good!

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