Month 1

Omg. I never have time to blog. I am on twitter a good bit. It is less overwhelming 140 characters at a time.

Oat is awesome. Up to 6#12oz from 4#15.4oz.  Did I even post That?  I went ahead posted my last draft because well, why not?

My sister has been down since July 23 and leaves the 11th. It has been crazy busy. We are at a local beach for vacation. Mom is here and is my brother. Lots of fun.

He is breasfeeding well, has zero nipple confusion (plus side of the NICU), so I have some freedom. Kingman takes one feed a night…and the third or so day home he took the night! ! Well 11pm to 530am. It was glorious bc I was alone during the day bc hubs couldn’t be off work. 😦

Anyhoo. Gotta run. Baby calling.

4 responses to “Month 1

  1. glad things are going well… enjoy the time spent with your family & lil Oat, of course… ❤

  2. Glad to hear little Oat is doing well :).

  3. I love seeing Oat updates on Twitter (when I can be on there) and am SO glad you are all doing so good – and getting some beach/family time in

  4. I’m so glad the breastfeeding is going well! And that you’re doing better!

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